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Conio [aka Kohnyo]
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Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Battle Mountain - East of Victor
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • S.W. Dorsey
      -> 1894-02-26 [claim Map]
      -> 1899-02-24 [claim Map]
      -> 1900-09-21 [claim Map]
    Known claims:
    • Kohnyo lode - 8612
    Claim Links:
    Location Claim Description:
    Patented Date:
    Mineral Certificate No.:
    General Land Office No.:
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      Known Producing Info:
      General notes:
      Date of Additional and Amended Location is August 25th, 1893.
      graphic for visual presentation of text Maps show a claim that has been smaller and smaller for each Amendments, for a total of three claim maps. Share Survey Number with another claim - the Fortuna, but only on the two oldest maps. Claim starting out quite large with the Discovery Shaft near the north border with a second Shaft about same distance further southeast, near the shared ground with the Fortuna claim. Rest of claim is going about 8 times more in southwesterly direction as the distance from the north border to the second shaft.
      graphic for visual presentation of text Then in 1899 the claim map is Amended, and the claim is loosing a lot of ground in the south, turning into a triangular shape left with the northern part, loosing about 3/4 of its ground it appears. Claim still holds the two shafts in the north, and there is now drawn on a House along the western border, located about around half the length of that border.
      graphic for visual presentation of text But, something happens again, and in 1900 there is a second Amendment, and the claim looses its southern part, taking out about 1/3 of what is left of the ground, where the above mention house now sits on a new corner, still keeping the two before mention shafts, not much else is left of it...
      graphic for visual presentation of text Had it not been for the fact this mine is marked on my 1902 topographic map I would not have paid much attention to it - but being there I know it must been somewhat active when the Geological Survey was taken place around 1903/1904.