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Specimen Lode
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This view is a straightened, enhanced and cropped version of the 300dpi scan I did of the source postcard, showing the Specimen Mine Surface structures in the foreground. Direction of this view is east, northeast, on Bull Hill. The Specimen Mine operation is seen with an open Head-Frame and Hoist-house and shed linked to it, and a small Ore-house to the right down the hillside a small bit.
   In the distance, up from the orehouse, the surface structures of the Vindicator No. 1 Mine are seen with a large Head-frame and Ore-house down into massive dumps, impossible to tell if it still is linked to a railroad or not in this view. Further on in the distance to the left, a big string of railroad cars say that the Midland Terminal is still in operation, but there is no trace of the High Line Electric Division, as where that should be I only see a road surface – cutting almost the headframe of the Specimen Mine in two so to speak.
   Image is not sharp enough to tell if there are any rails left on the old Golden Circle tracks seen climbing Bull Hill, or is it Bull Cliff, about 1/4 down from top and about 1/4 in from left-hand side, but I do think the standard gauge M.T. tracks are there still when this photo was taken by Lehr many years ago.Specimen Mine Cripple Creek Dist
Photo by: William H. Lehr [aka Bill Lehr]
My Collection; straightened, enhanced, cropped from a 300dpi postcard scan.
Media ID: 269
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Bull Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • W.J. Banta
      -> 1893-04-01 [claim Map]
    • W.E. Banta
      -> 1893-04-01 [claim Map]
    • C.W. Banta
      -> 1893-04-01 [claim Map]
    • Abe Banta
      -> 1893-04-01 [claim Map]
    • Buford Banta
      -> 1893-04-01 [claim Map]
    • Stratton Cripple Creek Mining and Development Company
      -> 1903-01-01 [reported As Owner]
    Known claims:
    • Specimen lode - 8158
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