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Portland Mill [aka Victor Mill; On Battle Mountain]
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Mining Science 27.08.1908 Volume: Issue: 9
Page: 176 [Mining News]: Portland Mill Construction Battle Mtn.

  Work has been started on the Portland Co.'s mill, which will be located near the city reservoirs on Battle Mtn. The plant will have a capacity of 500 tons.
  Excavations for the foundations are being made and the machinery is arriving.

Mining Science 17.09.1908 Volume: Issue: 12
Page: 237 [Mining News]: Portland Gold Mining Company

  Work on the experimental plant of the Portland G. M. Co. is being pushed rapidly and it is expected that the mill will be in full operation some time during the present month.

Mining Science 08.07.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 536
Page: 37 [Mining News]: Portland Mill

  Work commenced today on the grading of the road-beds to the millsite selected by the Portland Co. for its new mill. The contract calls for completion of the road in 30 days, so as to permit the delivery of building material and machinery for the plant.
  Excavating for the millsite has commenced.

The Mining World 15.01.1910 Volume: Issue: 3
Page: 113 [General Mining News]: Portland Mill [Cripple Creek]

  It was announced at the directors' meeting of the Portland Gold Mining Co. that the new mill at the mine, that cost approximately $200,000, will be in operation on or about Mch. 1, weather permitting.

The Mining World 22.01.1910 Volume: Issue: 4
Page: 173 [Article]: Portland Mill [Cripple Creek]

[part of a long article with Reviews the Colorado Mining in 1909, written by Frank Hall.]

  The Portland Gold Mining Co. has in course of construction at its mine, near Victor, a 500-ton mill. This mill will under slightly different form be employing the same cyanidation method as used at the Golden Cycle mill near Colorado City, and at the Stratton Independence mill. It is by far the cheapest and most effective way of treating the classes of ore to which it is adapted, and gives a higher percentage of recovery, in most cases, than any other in present use.

The Mining World 16.04.1910 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 813 [General Mining News]: Portland Mill [Cripple Creek]

  It is expected that the Portland mill will be in full operation for trial runs within the next 30 days.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 03.12.1910 Volume: Issue: 23
Page: 1125 [General Mining News]: Portland Mill

  The Portland mill, on Battle mountain, is now said to be treating 100 tons per day at a cost of not to exceed $2 per ton.

Mining Science 08.12.1910 Volume: Issue: 1 610
Page: 558 [Mining News]: Portland Mill

  That the Portland Battle Mountain plant will be made larger is certain. This work will begin after the first of the year.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 10.12.1910 Volume: Issue: 24
Page: 1177 [General Mining News]: Portland

  Pres. F. G. Peck says that the success of the Battle Mountain mill, which has been treating 800 tons of ore per month, has brought under consideration the question of enlarging it, and that the immense amount of low-grade ore in the district warrants the building of another mill by this company, to treat custom ores.
  At present, however, this new enterprise has simply been under discussion.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 24.12.1910 Volume: Issue: 26
Page: 1276 [General Mining News]: Portland Mill

  It is stated that the Portland mill on Battle mountain, near Victor, will install a fourth Chilean mill and be ready to treat 400 tons per day soon after Jan. 1.
  The extraction is said to be close to 90 per cent, and the average yield of the ore treated, $3.50 per ton.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 14.10.1911 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 763 [General Mining News]: Portland Mill [Cripple Creek]

  Changes are being made in the new Portland mill. The present motor being inadequate, a new one of 300 hp. will take its place. This is expected to increase the tonnage milled. Other changes looking to enlarged grinding capacity may be made.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 28.10.1911 Volume: Issue: 18
Page: 871 [General Mining News]: Portland Mill

  The work of the new Portland mill for the last 3 months is treating 29,559 tons of ore, mainly low grade, from which a net profit of $33,110.78 was realized. The total net profit of the mill during the 9 months of this year ending Sept. 30 was $100,939.16.
  Additional tanks and other apparatus necessary for treating the concentrates hitherto sent to the Colorado Springs mill for final treatment are being installed so that the entire milling may be done at the mine.

Mining Science 23.05.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 687
Page: 466 [a34] [Mining News]: Portland Mill

  The Portland Gold Mining Co. milll on Battle mountain will make a new high tonnage record in May unless some accident should cause a temporary cessation of ore treatment.
  While the capacity of the Battle mountain plant has been classed as of 300 tons, Mill Manager Thomas Crowe is handling between 480 and 500 dry tons daily. The ore treated is of low grade taken out in development from the workings of the No. 2 shaft and reject from the house at this shaft.

Mining and Scientific Press 16.02.1918 Volume: Issue: 7
Page: 244 [The Mining Summary]: Victor Mill (Portland Mill)

(Special Correspondence - Cripple Creek, February 8.) - The treatment reported for January 1918 at the Victor Mill was 19,573 tons at a total value of $40,320.

Mining and Scientific Press 13.04.1918 Volume: Issue: 15
Page: 526 [Review of Mining]: Portland Victor Mill

  During the month of March the Portland Victor mill on Bull Hill treated 13,100 tons, at an unknown value per ton.

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