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Independence Mill [aka Portland Independence Mill in Later Years]
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The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.04.1896 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 381 [General Mining News]: Independence Mill

  Independence mine is but meagerly developed, some 20 men being employed underground. Mr. Stratton two weeks ago closed all the mines he owned, the American Eagles and John A. Logan, on Bull Hill, and the Independence No. 2, on Battle Mountain, and reduced the force on the Independence.
  The sole season for so doing was to see whether a certain 100-ton plant now being erected at the Independence can treat the low-grade ores for $3 per ton. If the mill does all that it is claimed, it can do for the ores of the camp, Mr. Stratton will purchase the mill outright, but if not, the owners of the mill will remove their plant.
  The excavation for the mill is now completed, and a large force of carpenters are busy.

The Mining World 31.08.1907 Volume: Issue: 9
Page: 364 [Mining News]: Stratton's Independence Mill

  Machine drills will be used in breaking ground for the new Stratton, Independence mill. Structural work on the plant will start this week.
  Manager Becker expects to have the mill completed long before the first of next year.

Mining Science 02.04.1908 Volume: Issue: 14
Page: 353 [Mining News]: Independence Mill

  The new Independence mill is being tried out experimentally and Chas. M. Becker, Gen. Mgr., reports himself as highly pleased with the results.

Mining Science 15.04.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 524
Page: 297 [Mining News]: Independence Mill

  The mill of the Independence has been running steadily on low-grade ores from the mine. Minor repairs have been made to the roasting department and the tonnage will be gradually increased until the plant is running full capacity on both the dump and mine ores.

The Mining Investor 13.09.1915 Volume: Issue: 4
Page: 40 [Mining Notes]: PORTLAND. [Independence Mill]

  The big Independence mill is practically out of commission by reason of the fact that it is undergoing repairs. Repairs about the surface of this mineral estate are being rushed and everything will shortly be in condition to permit of handling the vast reserves of low grade ore at a minimum of cost just as soon as the milling plant is ready to bring into commission. This mill will contain all the latest ideas in metallurgical processes and will be ready to start ore treatment before January 1, 1916.
  It is proposed to feed the machinery largely upon dump matter from the Portland mine, a trestle having been constructed from the portal of a tunnel through which will be trammed the product of the Portland dumps. It is quite likely, however, that the ore being mined by Independence leasers will be handled where it does not carry sufficient values to warrant transporting the same to the Portland mill at Colorado Springs.

Mining and Scientific Press 16.02.1918 Volume: Issue: 7
Page: 244 [The Mining Summary]: Independence Mill

(Special Correspondence - Cripple Creek, February 8.) - The new rate for treating low-grade ores at the Independence mill is as follows:
  • Ore running $3 per ton, $2
  • from $3 to $3,50, $2,25
  • $3,50 to $4, $2.50
  • $4 to $4.50, $2.60
  • $4.50 to $5, $2.75 per ton.

Mining and Scientific Press 16.02.1918 Volume: Issue: 7
Page: 244 [The Mining Summary]: Independence Mill

(Special Correspondence - Cripple Creek, February 8.) - The treatment reported for January 1918 at the Independence Mill was 37,000 tons at a total value of  $76,960.

Mining and Scientific Press 13.04.1918 Volume: Issue: 15
Page: 526 [Review of Mining]: Portland Independence Mill

  During the month of March the Portland Independence mill near Victor treated 41,000 tons, at a value of $2.02 per ton.

Mining and Scientific Press 04.12.1920 Volume: Issue: 23
Page: 812 [Review of Mining]: Independence-Portland Mill

  The Independence mill, of the Portland Gold Mining Co., continues operating on low-grade ores, the higher grades being shipped to the Golden Cycle mill at Colorado Springs.

Mining and Scientific Press 06.08.1921 Volume: Issue: 6
Page: 206 [Review of Mining]: Florence & Cripple Creek Fill To Mill

  A fill on the old Florence & Cripple Creek railroad (now dismantled), near Hollywood, made from waste from the Strong mine at Victor, in the days of high-grade production from that property, when all waste was hauled by the railroad free under the 'right-of-way' contract, is now being hauled to the Independence mill of the Portland Gold Mining Co., where it is netting around $10 and $12 per ton.
  Under a contract, $1 per ton was paid for the privilege of removing and shipping this rock.

Mining and Scientific Press 29.10.1921 Volume: Issue: 18
Page: 617 [Review of Mining]: Independence Mill

  A third shift has been put to work at the Independence mill of the Portland Gold Mining Co., and the plant is now operating at capacity on lowgrade ores; company and custom ores are treated.

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