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Independence Mill [aka Stratton's Independence Mill]
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Dating the view is not easy, but as I've seen a postcard stamped August 1, 1912 the negative must be at least 1 day earlier due to the time it takes to develop and make a postcard out of it. Also, this is the first card I've seen signed by Skolas where she has put the J through the S in her name, quite cool actually!
   For the View itself, this is on lower Battle Mountain where J. Skolas has photographed the huge in area Independence Surface type of Operation with the massive Mill Structures on the left and sideways center part, with the No. 1 Shaft of the Independence Mine itself seen towards the right-hand edge. In front of those structures there are still houses seen, belonging to Workers and so on I assume.Independence Mine and Mill
Photo by: Julia Skolas
My Collection; cropped, straighten & enhanced from my 300dpi scanned postcard.
Media ID: 301
Dating this image of the Independence/Portland Independence Mill is not the easiest part, according to my husband the automobile seen is one from the 1920's due to its shape he said, and Sanborn 1919 map fits the railroad track quite well, so I would assume this is in middle to late 1920's. The track in the foreground still has trolley poles and hangers along the line, but the Golden Circle tracks is gone and only the roadbed is seen, with a switch from the High Line/Short Line roadbed up to a piece of the old Golden Circle roadbed, and then it will turn away to serve some part of the mill outside the view at left, according to the Sanborn map on Sheet 9 of the Victor 1919 set.
The Trolley system in the District suffered a major fire in the Cripple Creek barn in 1919 and closed its operation that year, but that do not mean all poles, wires etc., was removed at once, hence not that useful to date with. But, I also see that the High Line was abandon in 1923, making this possible to be around that time frame. Info I have do indicate that a switchback spur existed from the location known as Taylor to the Portland Independence Mill till 1930, possible this might be part of that; hence, I can't tell for sure at this moment in time [27.05.2017]. I am not even sure where Taylor is, if it is the location near M.T. Bull Hill yards at Victor Pass, or the old location below the Portland No. 1 mine, info is a little scarce for me, but I think it is the one on Victor Pass.Independence Mill [aka Portland Independence Mill]
Photo by: Unknown
My collection, cropped, straighten & enhanced from a postcard.
Media ID: 190
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Battle Mountain
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Fate details:
    Owned by:
    • Stratton's Independence, Limited
      -> 1908 [reported As Owners]
    • Portland Gold Mining Company
      -> 1915-06-30 [reported Bought]
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      Patented Date:
      Mineral Certificate No.:
      General Land Office No.:
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        * Mill was put to work in 1908, it was in 1915 sold to the Portland G.M. Co. and shut down in 1928 -> I have the Portland years as a different entity.
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