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Gold Issue Mill
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Info Last updated: 25.02.2023 (09:38:18)
To me this view here is a Pearl or a Gem! When I saw it listed on eBay, I just had to get it! It is a really rare view of one of the short-lived mills in the outskirts of the productive District. Named Cold Issue Mill by the photographer Hileman I know it as Gold Issue Mill, possible it might also be the same as the Wishbone mill, as of Feb. 2023 that is still impossible to find a final answer to! If it is the Wishbone, it has also been know under the name Midget-Bonanza Mill, and there is what appears to be an aerial tram coming in on the hillside to the long structure in upper left, making this appearing to be the same mill a greater chance I think.
   The Gold Issue Mill is said to be on either Mineral Hill or Carbonate Hill, the sources I have are given both names as a location, on the northeast slope it is said. It was a Cyanide Mill, burned down I think, but looking at the image one of the house like structures at lower right has some brick wall to it so possible that can still be found as a ruin left-over if one knew where to look for this mill.
   I did procure the colored version of this image, as I think it is nicer. Source is gray-toned, or in common speech black & white. Used an online service and tweaked and worked with image to get what looks best to my eyes for the moment.The Gold Issue Mill
Photo by: Tomer Jacob Hileman [19??]
My Collection; Postcards; Straightened, Colored, scaled up, cropped 300dpi scan. I did procure the colored version of this image.
Media ID: 534
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Mineral Hill / Carbonate Hill
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    • Gold Issue Mining & Milling Company
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        * Some source gave this to be on Mineral Hill, another said Carbonate Hill...
        graphic for visual presentation of textI also seen it referenced to have been built on Midget-Bonanza King Co. property..
        graphic for visual presentation of text-> Also, in 09.03.2022 I get a strong feel this might also be known as the Wishbone Mill...
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