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Mining Reporter 18.01.1906 Volume: Issue: 3
Page: 70 [Mining News]: Wishbone Gold Mining Company

  Arrangements are being made for the transportation of mill machinery to this property, where the company proposes to install a cyanide mill with which to treat its low grade oxidized ore.

Mining Reporter 26.04.1906 Volume: Issue: 17
Page: 422 [Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  Boilers and other machinery for the new cyanide plant to be erected on the north slope of Mineral hill have been hauled to the property. It is expected that the mill will be in operation by the middle of July.

Mining and Scientific Press 23.02.1907 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 234 [Special Correspondence]: Wishbone Mill Recieving Dump Ore

Low-Grade Ore Treatment.

  During the month of January 100 tons of dump ore were shipped to the Wishbone mill from the Mountain Beauty on Bull hill. Returns around $7 per ton were obtained by the lessees, Blanchard & Sellers.
  The milling company agreed to pay the lessees as their share of the profits, all over 85 per ton, they themselves trusting to the economy of their process to treat the stuff at a figure within the 85 margin.

The Mining Investor 13.05.1907 Volume: Issue: 12
Page: 638 [General Mining News]: April Output of Wishbone Mill

  The official report of the output of the Cripple Creek district for April for:


Aver. value.

Gross value.





The Mining World 31.08.1907 Volume: Issue: 9
Page: 364 [Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  The Wishbone mill is running and doing well.

The Mining World 14.09.1907 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 447 [Mining News]: Black Diamond Send Ores to Wishbone Mill

  Two 4-horse teams are hauling ore from the Black Diamond on Tenderfoot hill to the Wishbone mill in Spring gulch.
  This material is highly oxidized and carries about $12 a ton.

The Mining World 14.09.1907 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 447 [Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  The Wishbone people are contemplating the installation of a roaster. If this is done a surface tram will be built from the top of Carbonate hill to the mill, a distance of about 3,000 feet.
  J. F. W. Doepke is president and Edward Cornet treasurer of the company.

The Mining World 14.09.1907 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 447 [Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  The management of the Wishbone mine on the south side of Carbonate hill is in the market bidding for custom ores.

Mining Science 03.09.1908 Volume: Issue: 10
Page: 197 [Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  Plans are now in hand for the construction of a spur from the main line of the "Short Line" to the Wishbone mill on the north slope of Tenderfoot hill.
  The owners of the mill have decided to install a roasting plant in connection with the mill and by remodeling the whole plant put it in shape to handle custom ore.

Mining and Scientific Press 12.09.1908 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 340 [General Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  It is reported that the Wishbone mill, on the extreme northern slope of Tenderfoot hill, will be entirely overhauled and roasters added.
  It is probable that a spur from the Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek District railway will also be built. It is the intention of the owners, who are St. Louis capitalists, to treat custom ores, as the ore in the company mine did not prove payable.

Mining Science 21.01.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 512
Page: 56 [Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  A force of men is now at work on the roadbed from the main line of the Short Line at Hoosier Pass to the Wishbone mill on the northeast slope of Tenderfoot hill.

Mining Science 28.01.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 513
Page: 77 [Mining News]: Wishbone Mill

  Four carloads of machinery have arrived for the Wishbone mill and will be hauled to the mill at once.

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