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Wild Horse Mill
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Mining Reporter 19.10.1905 Volume: Issue: 16
Page: 404 [Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  A 29-pound gold brick, worth approximately $6,000, has just been obtained as the result of a twenty days' run. Twelve hundred tons of low-grade ore were cyanided during that time.

Mining Reporter 21.12.1905 Volume: Issue: 25
Page: 628 [Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  This cyanide plant has been sold to the Woods Investment Company and will be enlarged to treat the ores of the United Gold Mines Company.

The Mining Investor 13.05.1907 Volume: Issue: 12
Page: 638 [General Mining News]: April Output of Wild Horse Mill

  The official report of the output of the Cripple Creek district for April for:


Aver. value.

Gross value.

Wild Horse




The Sun 10.08.1908 Volume: Issue: 345
Page: 7 [Article]: Wild Horse Cyanide Mill

Colorado Springs, Aug. 4. - The Wild Horse cynaide mill treated in July 1,000 tons of oxidized ores, averaging $4.

Mining Science 24.09.1908 Volume: Issue: 13
Page: 257 [Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  The Wild Horse mill of the United Gold Mines Co. is treating about 800 tons of ore per month, netting about $3.50 per ton. The bulk of the ore is coming from the Ramona property.

Mining Science 29.07.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 539
Page: 97 [Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  The Wild Horse mill, owned by the United G. M. Co. has resumed treatment of the low grade from the Wild Horse mine. The plant has been leased to Cavanaugh and associates, who are also operating a lease on the mine.
  The mill has recently been remodeled and improvements installed. Only the ore too low grade for shipment to the Golden City plant of the Golden Cycle Co. will be handled at the mill.

Mining Science 24.11.1910 Volume: Issue: 1 608
Page: 506 [Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  After a series of experiments conducted before accepting a lease on the Wild Horse mill, Heraby & Anderson are now treating $3 ore at a profit from this mine.
  The Wild Horse mill uses the straight cyanide process and was constructed to handle large bodies of low-grade oxidized ore in the mine.
  These had been partially worked out by the original owners and leasers. About 50 tons a day is run through the mill. Since the latter part of October the mill has been working full force. A clean-up will not be made until late this month.
  The Wild Horse mill was the first constructed in the district. It proved very successful and was the real incentive for the building of other mills.
  After exhaustion of the oxidized ores, the metallurgists were confronted with the proposition of treating complex ores.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 07.10.1911 Volume: Issue: 15
Page: 707 [General Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  The Wild Horse mill, operated by the United Gold Mining Co. is treating 1300 to 1400 tons a month. The ore comes from the mine, is free milling and said to be the best mill stuff in the district. The profits from the treatment of waste-rock resulting from development work is
paying the cost of crosscutting, drifting and other dead work.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 09.12.1911 Volume: Issue: 24
Page: 1188 [General Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  At the Wild Horse mill on Bull , hill a new crusher has been installed and the plant overhauled for better service. It has received liberal quantities of oxidized ores, and is making a good extraction by the use of cyanide.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 23.12.1911 Volume: Issue: 26
Page: 1289 [General Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  The Wild Horse mill is again in action, after a shut down of 2 weeks for repairs. A new crusher was installed with some other improvements. The mill is now treating about 50 tons a day of low- grade oxidized ore.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 30.12.1911 Volume: Issue: 27
Page: 1340 [General Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  The Wild Horse mill is handling 1200 tons of ore per month under the new machinery and other improvements that have been installed to increase its efficiency. There is more milling ore in sight and of higher grade than formerly. The mill is treating $4 ore at a profit.

Mining Science 04.04.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 680
Page: 324 [a32] [Mining News]: Wild Horse Mill

  The Wild Horse mill is handling about 40 tons a day of low grade rock taken out in development of the mine by the United Gold Mines company.
  The crushing department of the mill can handle 80 tons a day but on account of lack of tanks the capacity is reduced. The ore is ideal for cyaniding and a high extraction is made.

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