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Blue Flag Mill
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Mineral Resources of the United States 1907 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 238 [General Mining News]: Blue Flag Company's New Mill

  The Blue Flag Company's new mill was also started in 1907.

The Mining Investor 13.05.1907 Volume: Issue: 12
Page: 639 [General Mining News]: Blue Flag Mill

  The cyanide mill of the Blue Flag Mining and Milling company, which has been in course of construction on Bull hill, will be ready for operation probably the first of next week. Twenty-five tons a day of low-grade oxidized ore, now being broken in the Blue Flag property, will be increased to 75 tons a day. A larger force of men will be employed.

The Mining World 31.08.1907 Volume: Issue: 9
Page: 364 [Mining News]: Blue Flag Mill

  The Blue Flag mill is getting ready to start.

Mining and Scientific Press 12.09.1908 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 340 [General Mining News]: Blue Flag Mill

  The Blue Flag mill, on the east slope of Raven hill, resumed operations last week, after a close-down of some time. The plant has been thoroughly overhauled and repaired, and is now in good shape to handle the output of the mine.
  No attempt is being made to operate the plant at its full capacity, and only a portion of the full force was put to work. The mill is treating ore from the mine, having an average value of about $4 per ton.

Mining Science 27.01.1910 Volume: Issue: 1 565
Page: 91 [Mining News]: Blue Flag Mill

  Operations have been resumed at the Blue Flag company's mill, on Raven hill, and it is again treating between 40 and 50 tons of ore daily.
  It was temporarily shut down to permit of further development of large bodies of low-grade ore found in the Blue Flag mine, and it is understood that sufficient tonnage has been blocked out to keep it in operation at full capacity for an indefinite period.

Mining Science 13.06.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 690
Page: 527 [a35] [Mining News]: Blue Flag Mill

  The Blue Flag cyanide mill on Raven hill, owned by the Blue Flag Co., will not be in operation before the end of June. It will have a capacity of 150 tons a day.

Mining Science 15.08.1912 Volume: Issue: 1 699
Page: 113 [a25] [Mining News]: Blue Flag Mill

   The Blue Flag plant, which is a modern cyanide mill, will start up inside of a week. Since April 1, John Massion, who has had a good deal of experience in the Australian fields, has been supervising the rebuilding of the plant.
  He has installed two Chilean mills and four Dorr thickeners have been put in.

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