Trainz Map of the District (2003 edition):
Last updated: 4 April, 2013 14:09

This map shows the Virtual trackplan of the rails inside of the Cripple Creek District, and how I had them laid years ago when I first did a base model inside of Trainz.

Each of the squares equals 1 baseboard inside of Trainz, and each baseboard is 720 by 720 meters.

I did this work way back before I fully had an understanding of the area, the Trainz program and its stupid limit of max 3000 meter up (and the opposite, max 3000negative meter) where I did not understand why while I could create the hills using a outside program, I was unable to work with the grid as soon as I passed the 3000 meter in height.

As everyone slighlty familiar with the District knows, bot the Short Line and some of the grades inside the District reaches and goes above 3000 meter, so when I finally figured out why things did not work as planned for, it was a blow in my face and while I later have been able to lower the whole map by 1500 meter in order to work around Trainz limiatations, I never recovered the spirit behind what these maps shows... frown

I also learned better where some of the grades where, and I realized I had laid the High Line (not shown) not at the correct spot, and other things has also surfaced, so the whole project has taken a nose diver, but, it is not dead, yet... animated smile

Unfortunately, the maps shown in these views is very old, most is from around 13.01.2003

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