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PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 31.10.1903 Volume: 3 [III] Issue: 31
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Henry Adney on Beacon Hill Producing Again

  With the El Paso, C. K. & N., Old Gold, Henry Adney and Little Bessie properties hoisting ore again, the west slope of Beacon Hill shows considerable more activity than it has for sometime past.
  Since the completion of the drainage tunnel, properties on this hill have taken a new lease on life. Six cars of ore are being loaded from this side of the hill, most of it of smelting grade.

Mining Reporter 15.09.1904 Volume: 50 [L] Issue: 11
Page: 279 [Sale of Mines]: Henry Adney

  The Henry Adney, on Beacon hill, Cripple Creek district, Colorado, has been sold to Messrs. Lennox and Giddings. Sam McDonald is superintendent in charge for the new owners.

Mining Reporter 24.08.1905 Volume: 52 [LII] Issue: 8
Page: 197 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  It is announced that the operators on this property have encountered good ore in the C. K. & N. vein. Recent shipments are said to have returned about $50 a ton.

Mining Reporter 16.11.1905 Volume: 52 [LII] Issue: 20
Page: 505 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  Shipments of ore taken out in the course of development work are reported to be yielding about $40 per ton.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 02.12.1905 Volume: 80 [LXXX] Issue: 22
Page: 1045 [General Mining News]: Henry Adney

  At this mine, in the gulch between Beacon and Rosebud hills, a new ore-shoot has been opened on the 400-ft. level, which looks promising.

Mining Reporter 03.05.1906 Volume: 53 [LIII] Issue: 18
Page: 446 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  David Burke shipped a carload of 4-ounce ore from this property last week. This material is being taken from a depth of 500 feet.

Mining Reporter 24.05.1906 Volume: 53 [LIII] Issue: 21
Page: 522 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  A carload of ore, averaging about three ounces per ton was shipped from this property last week. A large force of men is engaged in development work.
  Shipments are being maintained at the rate of about one car per day.

Mining Reporter 31.01.1907 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 5
Page: 122 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  It is reported that Pittsburg capitalists, who recently purchased the Trilby mine, are endeavoring to arrange for the purchase of the Henry Adney on Beacon hill.

Mining Reporter 28.02.1907 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 9
Page: 209 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  This property was sold last week to eastern parties for $100,000. New machinery will be purchased and extensive developments carried on.
  For some time past this property has been outputting regularly one
car lot of ore daily, and there is said to be sufficient tonnage to insure the continuation of like shipments for a long time.

Mining Reporter 28.03.1907 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 13
Page: 296 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  With the installation of new machinery, the present shipments from the Henry Adney mine, amounting to four cars weekly, will be doubled.

Mining Reporter 02.05.1907 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 18
Page: 406 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  A seven-drill compressor plant has been ordered for the Henry Adney property on Beacon hill. The company is shipping three cars weekly of ore averaging $25 per ton in gold.

The Mining World 13.07.1907 Volume: 27 [XXVII] Issue: 2
Page: 78 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  On the 5th inst. a strike occurred in the Henry Adney on Beacon hill, when a new vein 4 ft. wide was opened at a depth of 500 feet. The new ore body gives returns of 4 to 12.8 ozs. all the way across, and carries an 18-in. streak showing values as high as $280 per ton.
  There are three big veins in this property. A body of 2-oz. ore is being worked between the 500 and 600 levels.

The Mining World 27.07.1907 Volume: 27 [XXVII] Issue: 4
Page: 157 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  The Henry Adney is shipping 1.5 oz. grade.

The Western Investors Review 08.1907 Volume: 14 [XIV] Issue: 3
Page: 24 [General Mining News]: Henry Adney

  Ore of the value of 1,400 ounces gold, or $28,000 a ton, has been struck in the Henry Adney mine in the draw between Beacon and Rosebud Hills.
  Five sacks of this high-grade mineral, containing about 350 pounds, and valued at approximately $5,000, was taken out by two men, but will be kept under ground and under guard until a shipment is ready.
  The strike was made 300 feet from the shaft at a depth of 500 feet. A four-foot vein is being developed and a grab sample taken recently from the muck pile near the heading of the drift assayed $2,750 a ton.
  The rich streak is two to six inches wide.

The Mining World 03.08.1907 Volume: 27 [XXVII] Issue: 5
Page: 204 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  One of the most sensational strikes of the past month is reported from the Henry Adney on Beacon hill, where a seam 4.5 ins. wide has been opened in a 15-ft. vein.
  Assays taken from the seam run up in the thousands to the ton.

The Mining World 28.09.1907 Volume: 27 [XXVII] Issue: 13
Page: 526 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  M. B. Burke and associates, who recently struck a new ore body in the Henry Adney on Beacon hill, are breaking ore which runs from $80 to $120 a ton.

The Mining World 02.11.1907 Volume: 27 [XXVII] Issue: 18
Page: 820 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  The Henry Adney mine at Cripple Creek is asking bids for a 250-ton ore-house to be erected on the west slope of Beacon hill.

The Western Investors Review 01.1908 Volume: 14 [XIV] Issue: 8
Page: 35 [News Of The Mines]: Henry Adney

  The Julia V. company have shipped ore from the Henry Adney on Beacon hill.

The Mining World 01.02.1908 Volume: 28 [XXVIII] Issue: 5
Page: 226 [Mining News]: Julia V. Mining Company

  The Julia V. Mining Co., operating on the Henry Adney on Beacon hill, is breaking ore of 2.5-oz, grade from a vein 4 ft. wide at a depth of 550 feet.
  A car-load expected to return $45 a ton has been shipped. The ore was broken 150 ft. north of the shaft. Shipments are regular from the property.

Mining Science 13.08.1908 Volume: 58 [LVIII] Issue: 7
Page: 137 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  A good ore body is reported in the Henry Adney property on Beacon hill, averaging from 2 ozs, to 3 ozs. This ore body was found on the 500-ft. level and measures over 2 ft. between walls.

Mining Science 17.12.1908 Volume: 58 [LVIII] Issue: 1 507
Page: 496 [Mining News]: Henry Adney

  A new ore shoot has been opened up in the shaft of the Henry Adney. The vein is about 8 in. in width, but has not been developed as to extent. The ore will run about $25 per ton in gold.

The Mining World 12.02.1910 Volume: 32 [XXXII] Issue: 7
Page: 392 [General Mining News]: Henry Adney

  In drifting north on the main Henry Adney vein at the 350-ft. level, a large ore body has been exposed that is streaked with sylvanite, the bulk of the material carrying high values.

The Mining World 19.02.1910 Volume: 32 [XXXII] Issue: 8
Page: 440 [General Mining News]: Henry Adney

  A consignment of 50 tons of screenings from the Henry Adney, on Beacon hill, was made last week, but returns are not stated. The vein is seamed with rich streaks of sylvanite.

The Mining World 26.03.1910 Volume: 32 [XXXII] Issue: 13
Page: 674 [General Mining News]: Henry Adney Fire

  The blacksmith and machine shops at the Henry Adney on Beacon hill have been destroyed by fire.

Mining Science 26.05.1910 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 1 582
Page: 499 [Mining News]: Henry Adney Company

  Roosevelt tunnel is also attributed to that the water has lowered perceptibly in the Henry Adney company's main shaft of the Banner company.
  Machinery is being installed on the last property by the Union Leasing company, preparatory to resuming active operations at water level.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 24.09.1910 Volume: 90 [XC] Issue: 13
Page: 623 [General Mining News]: Henry Adney

  A shipment of 617 lb. of ore from this Beacon Hill mine netted, it is said, $7404, the average yield being $12 per lb. It was hand-sorted ore, and came from a knife-blade seam at a depth of 385 feet.

Mining Science 16.05.1912 Volume: 65 [LXV] Issue: 1 686
Page: 436 [Personals]: - Personal, Joseph Darnell

  Joseph Darnell, for some time foreman of the El Paso Con, mine at Cripple Creek, Colo., has been appointed superintendent of the Henry Adney mine in the same district.

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