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The Short Line Blue Book, July 1906
(page 38)

There are over twenty shafts in the district that are 1,000 feet deep or exceeding that depth.

The deepest is the American Eagle's on Bull hill, being 1,538 feet from the collar of the shaft to the bottom of the sump.

The Anaconda and the Mary McKinney companies are to be consolidated which will give the new company a total of close to 200 acres of territory.

The Old Home Run mine, located on Squaw mountain, is to be started again and a mill will be installed to handle the big tonnage of low grade ore that can easily be produced from the various levels.

The Cripple Creek district has the best weather, taken all the year around, that can be found any place in the country. Winter rarely visits there until about March and then lasts about two months.

There is very little placer mining in district because of the coating of tellurium over the gold. Gold has a great affinity for quick silver but the tellurium renders the quick silver useless.

The entire business portion of Victor was burned on the 21st of August, 1899. Before the fire was entirely out the business men commenced the work of rebuilding and the result is the many fine brick structures seen there now.

The first claim to be patented in the district was the Buena Vista lode, now belonging to the Isabella company. It was owned by Samuel Daugherty, Mrs. Lucy Blair and William Steel.

The Portland Gold Mining company pays a tax of $27,538.38 or a sum greater by $527.43 than is paid by the combined railroad, telegraph and telephone companies' operating in Teller county.

The El Paso company is the next largest tax payer, they paying to the county the sum of $24,995.30.

The El Paso company is now paying a quarterly dividend of three cents a share, amounting to $73,500.

The Findley company is now paying a regular monthly dividend of one cent a share, amounting to $12,500.

The Vindicator company has been handling between 500,000 to 800,000 gallons of water every twenty-four hours for almost a month and have only succeeded in lowering the water 100 feet in their big working shaft. The water is now below the 1,100 feet point at which depth a station is being cut to permit of operations being carried forward to prove the ore bodies opened in the levels above and below.

James Doyle, who with James F. Burns, located the famous Portland mine, will return to the district to carry forward some mining operations. Mr. Doyle has been operating away from the Cripple Creek district for some years.

The tourist who desires to see active mining operations can see it to the best advantage by taking a "High Line" to Summit and walking over Globe hill. Various operators are literally shipping the scenery, that is, they are simply plowing the surface and shipping everything.


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