Golden Circle Railroad:
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The Golden Circle Railroad was incorporated by the owners of the Florence & Cripple Creek. This property comprises a circle railroad from Victor, passing through Goldfield, thence around Battle mountain to a point very near Altman, on Bull hill.

It was opened for traffic in 1896.

The following text is from a booklet published in July 1902 and is transcripted here as I fell in love with the wording of this text.

When mountain railroading in Colorado ceases to charm, there will be one remaining line always of interest even to those who frequently travel over it.

The Golden Circle railroad, a part of the Florence & Cripple Creek system, is not so very long, but for scenic grandeur many so heralded cannot compare with it.

It starts at Cripple Creek, runs through Victor and after passing Goldfield proceeds to climb the mountains toward the turquoise sky, passing between the famous Portland and Independence mines, around curves and up lofty hillsides at the bottom of which can be seen towns, mines and great reduction mills. From the summits, yonder in the distance lofty ranges with their white peaks piercing the clouds and kissing the sky.

Puffing and snorting, the little engine pulls the train up a constant grade over a track smooth as oil.

Anaconda, Elkton, Victor and Goldfield are all viewed from the dizzy heights above and a mighty imposing picture it is.

The scenery along the Golden Circle line viewed from the summits of the highest hills in camp is a panorama of astonishment and admiration!

Mountains and eminence everywhere!

We forget our very existence!

Indescribable! Unfathomable!! Immeasurable!!!

We disbelieve our eyes and wonder at the insignificance of humanity after all.

Everything grand, charming and sublime!

The train stops in the midst of it all and then slowly rewinds about the green coated, flower bedecked hillsides, down onto the level surface below where the wonderful little towns and cities nestle.

The line is twelve miles long, extending from Cripple Creek to Vista Grande, the round trip fare is 16 cents in coupons, trains depart from Cripple Creek at 7:00 a.m. and 2:50 p.m., Victor at 7:23 a.m. and 3:15 p.m., and two hours are consumed in making the trip.



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