Railroads of the area:
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As the Cripple Creek District formed and grew, so did the need for a easier and cheaper transport system grow, and what better way to get a good transportation system then a railroad!

And for the "Greatest Gold Camp on Earth", that would mean a lot of rails and railroads! No, one was way to little! animated smile At most it was a total of three railroads coming into the area, and two trolley lines and one Suburban/Interurban line to serve the District it self!

  1. Midland Terminal [MT], a standard gauge railroad, was actually the first to get started according to some sources I seen. They started from the north, at a place called Divide, along the Colorado Midland Railroad route up from Ute Pass. By the end of 1893 they had reached a place called Midland. They entered the District in 1894, but, it will take them yet another year to reach the city of Cripple Creek, end of 1895 that happen.
  2. Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad [F&CC], a 3-foot narrow gauge railroad, coming from the south, was the first to reach Cripple Creek town, it happen by the end of June 1894!
  3. The Golden Circle Railroad [GC], a 3-foot narrow gauge Interurban railroad got started in 1896, and was built from a connection with the F&CC in Victor and over a course of a couple of year ended at a place called Vista Grande high up in the hills east and slightly south of the town of Cripple Creek.
  4. Cripple Creek District Railway, a standard gauge electric line, is the first of what will be two trolley lines in the District, going between Cripple Creek and Victor towns.> The first line was built in 1897, the High Line, while the Low Line was added in 1900.
  5. Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railroad, a standard gauge railroad, was the third and last railroad to enter the District. They came from the east and got started in 1900 and was in Cripple Creek town by early 1901.



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