Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad:
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The Florence & Cripple Creek was incorporated in 1893, by William E. Johnson, Eben Smith, D.H. Moffat, et al. It was opened to Cripple Creek in July, 1894. The company owns a narrow-gauge line from Florence to Cripple Creek.

The Golden Circle Railroad was incorporated by the owners of the Florence & Cripple Creek. This property comprises a circle railroad from Victor, passing through Goldfield, thence around Battle mountain to a point very near Altman, on Bull hill.

It was opened for traffic in 1896.

The Canon City & Cripple Creek Railroad runs from Canon City to Oro Junta, where it connects with the main line of the Florence & Cripple Creek. It was opened for traffic in March, 1900.

Both the Florence & Cripple Creek and Canon City & Cripple Creek railroads connect with the Denver & Rio Grande at Florence and Canon City.



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