My F. & C. C. Albums
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  • [10.05.2016] - Marvelous Scenery on the F. & C.C.

    Folder is not in good shape, pages has come loose from the stables, and some have teared apart from each side of the staple. This is an old souvenir brochure, published most likely around 1902, early 1903, based on names mention inside. It has 12 numbered pages, and 6 images showing scenes along the Florence & Cripple Creek grade in Phantom Canyon and 3 images from the Cripple Creek District. Rest is text full of descriptions and talk about the trips you can make.

    Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday!

  • [23.02.2014] - Thru the Canyon of Phantoms.

    This is Great Shape. It is an old souvenir brochure with Black & White pictures (scanned in color), published around 1906 as some text in it mentions something to open in early 1907 and some gold production numbers from end of 1905. It's about the trip along the Florence & Cripple Creek through Phantom Canyon, but it also in the text mention the Short Line (Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railway, CS & CCDRy).

    The views are all from Phantom canyon, none from inside the Cripple Creek District sadly. It is all about the scenic wonder of this small railroad.

    I hope you enjoy these pictures, it was a joy when I got this, and I love that I am able to share it here for all to see/find :-)

    Enjoy this little trip back to yesterday!

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