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Miles from Colorado Springs Altitude Points of Interest Enroute

No visitor to Colorado should miss this trip to Cripple Creek, the greatest gold mining district in the world. It combines a ride through some of Colorado's most rugged mountains with a visit to America's most famous gold mines.

Leaving Colorado Springs the train passes through Manitou and immediately begins its climb up the historic Ute Pass Canon, following the famous old Ute Indian Trail; here the train crawls slowly along ledges cut from sheer mountain precipices of solid granite at a cost of more than $100,000 per mile; thence through the beautiful mountain summer resorts of Cascade and Green Mountain Falls, with their wonderful waterfalls and scenic attractions annually drawing thousands of tourists; Woodland Park in its gigantic natural amphitheater, is high above Colorado Springs, and affords unsurpassed view of mountain and plain.

Your journey carries you around the north and then the west sides of old Pike's Peak, crossing Hayden's Divide, winding through a stretch of country unchanged by the hand of man, but always climbing to higher mountains with wonderful views of the main chain of the Rockies to the westward, glittering superbly with eternal ice and snow.

At Gillette (a deserted mining camp) an elevation of 10,000 feet is reached; at Victor Pass you are 10,239 feet above sea level, an elevation within a few feet as high as is attained by the roads crossing the Continental Divide.

Just beyond Gillette the line enters the Cripple Creek mining district, and for the next ten miles you are passing over and among the world's treasure vaults, close to the shafts and tunnels of the great gold mines.

The views along this last ten miles are a combination of scenic grandeur and gold mining unequalled anywhere.

6000 Colorado Springs
6 6442 Manitou
Ute Pass
12 7421 Cascade
15 7743 Green Mt. Falls
17 7950 Crystola
20 8494 Woodland Park
27 9198 Divide
41 10000 Gillette
47 10080 Cameron
48 Victor Pass (Bull Hill)
10239 Vindicator
49 Independence
52 9775 Victor
53 Eclipse
54 9692 Elkton
55 9516 Anaconda
57 9522 Cripple Creek
The view of the main range of the Rocky Mountains from the train in the Cripple Creek District is undoubtedly the grandest and most extensive view in America.



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