Cripple Creek District Railway [Trolley lines]:
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Official Guide to Cripple Creek District
July 1902; page 18.
How To See The Camp.

No visit to the Cripple Creek District is complete without a trip over the excellent Electric system of the Short Line Railway. The district is composed of various thriving and interesting towns, all of which should be seen by the visitor in order to obtain a thorough knowledge of the camp. The Electric Circle Tour, for which tickets are sold at a rate of 25 cents, takes one through these towns, close to the big mines, and presents a panorama of scenic grandeur unequalled in this or any other country. This Circle Tour permits passengers to go via one line and return via the other.

The Low Line Division starts from the Cripple Creek terminus of The Short Line and runs to Victor through Anaconda,, Beaqua, Elkton, Eclipse, Columbia and Santa Rita, over the top of Beacon Hill, from which elevation a magnificent view is obtained of the many thriving towns and the matchless Sangre de Cristo snow-capped range, while the cars pass close to the shafts and tunnels of the great gold mines.

The High Line Division runs between Cripple Creek and Victor via Midway, Windy Point, Portland, etc., twisting and turning in its ascent of the famous Bull Hill, reaching an altitude of 10,500 feet, and presenting a panorama of scenic grandeur stupendous and bewildering, including the Western slope of Pike's Peak and the Sangre de Cristo range. You go within "speaking distance" of the big mines, the Anchoria Leland, Gold King, Portland, Strong, Independence, Gold Coin, Ajax, etc., and obtain many interesting views of the entire district from the dizzy heights.



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