Electric Circle Tour
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The Short Line Blue Book, February 1913
(page 21-22)
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The Highest Electric Railway In America.

The Best Way

Artistic Map showing exaggerated map of the Electric System in the District Artistic Map showing an exaggerated map of the routes of the Electric System in the District

in fact, the only way - for visitors to see the various cities and towns, and the important Gold Mines, is via the 18-mile Circle Tour of the Electric Railway System among the World's Famous Treasure Vaults. The cars pass close to the shafts and tunnels of the Great Gold Mines, and you get many interesting views of the entire District from dizzy heights.

Up here in the Rockies are towns made famous by the search for Gold; mines and mills working night and day to furnish the world with the metal that we all work for.

The "High Line"

Highest Point Reached By Cripple Creek District Electric Railroad, Elevation 11200 Ft. - Pike's Peak in Background, Photo: A.J. Harlan Highest Point Reached By C.C.D. Electric Railroad, Elev. 11200 Ft. Trolley is heading towards Victor after passing Midway.
Photo: A.J. Harlan

Division runs between Victor and Cripple Creek, via Vindicator Junction, Independence, Bull Hill, Windy Point, Midway, Raven Hill, Globe Hill, Gold Hill and Poverty Gulch, twisting and turning in its ascent of these famous mountains, and presenting scenes that will lice always in the memory of the passenger. On this trip you are riding on the Highest Electric Railway in America and it is one of the most interesting short trips in the world.

The "Low Line"

Trolley on Low Line About 1905 [Near the Big Cut on the Low Line North of Anaconda]
Trolley on Low Line near Alamo Junction, heading to Cripple Creek, ca.1905

Division runs between Cripple Creek and Victor via Pointer, Anaconda, Requa, Elkton, Eclipse, and Santa Rita, over the top of Beacon Hill, from which elevation a magnificent view is obtained of the many thriving towns, the matchless Sangre de Cristo Range, etc.

Passengers can save considerable time by leaving the train at Vindicator Junction at 1:20 p. m., and taking the High Line Electric car for Cripple Creek at that point. This car is due in Cripple Creek at 2 p. m., about the same time that the steam train you are on gets there. Fare, Vindicator Junction to Cripple Creek, 15 cents.

This is about the only way passengers will have time to make the High Line Electric Trip.

High Line cars run every hour.

Low Line cars leave Cripple Creek at 2:30 p. m. and 3:00 p. m. Fare to Victor, 10 cents.

Passengers can take any Low Line car for Victor, leaving Cripple Creek up to 2:30 p. m., and catch their train returning to Colorado Springs at Victor.

All trains run through Victor, and on return trip leave Victor for Colorado Springs twenty minutes after leaving Cripple Creek.

Statistics are usually dry reading, but the record of this wonderful district is so remarkable that a few figures will prove interesting.

Fifteen years ago gold was first discovered here in paying quantities. In that brief period it has become one of the greatest gold-producing- regions in the world, and in rapid development and in the richness of its ores, nothing like it has ever been known before.

In fifteen years the cattle ranges have been transformed into a populous district with 50,000 people, with all the modern conveniences of an Eastern city.

The production to date approximates $200,000,000 in value. In 1906 it was $18,936,175.



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