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The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
(page 4)
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Condensed from the Forum.

  • Train Dispatcher Davis has resigned and gone to mining.
  • Chief Train Dispatcher McCune and Roadmaster Murphy have purchased 362,050 shares of the Bonanza King Gold Mining company operating at Cripple Creek.
  • James Redford, one of the old Midland engineers, has resigned and will go to California.
  • Major McKinney is going to improve the town by the addition of a two-story brick building.
  • On Tuesday last the Midland Terminal engineers surveyed for 2,000 feet of trackage, leading from the main line to a point near Miner Smith's barn. The survey was made at the interposition of James Lindsay, cashier of the First National bank of Cripple Creek and J.D. Hawkins formerly of the reduction works of this city, who have all preparations made for the construction of a 100 tons per day mill, at the point suggested in the foregoing.
  • The time will come when Gillett will be recognized as the resident portion of the district; We mean by that, that as soon as Cripple Creek and Victor are connected with Gillett by means of an electric railroad, business men of both cities will reside in Gillett. They will reside here for the reason that Gillett nestles in a picturesque valley at the foot of Pike's Peak and is watered by mountain streamslets emanating from the great range of mountains beyond.


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