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Colorado State Journal, 1904 Annual Edition
(page 20)
Cog Road Depot Looking at the Depot of the Pike's Peak Cog Rail

COLORADO'S one city which is a city all the year, but which has no other business than that of furnishing health and entertainment to visitors is Manitou.

Manitou is one of the oldest cities in the state. Its mineral springs, which are the equal in their medicinal properties of any in the country, were used by the Indians before the white man knew the trails across the plains. Situated as the city is, at the entrance to Ute Pass, it was always a favorite gathering spot for the tribes that inhabited the land before civilization encroached thus far upon their domain, and here they were wont to bring and heal their sufferers.

Five miles west of Colorado Springs, Manitou is the favorite stopping place for thousands of the tourist throng that annually visits Colorado. From Manitou, Colorado's most famous scenic attractions are most easily reached. The Garden of the God's, Pike's Peak, Glen Eyrie, Williams Canon and the famous resorts of Ute Pass are numbered among the attractions of this American Carlsbad, and the little city is one that, visited once, becomes a regular stopping place for the traveler who finds himself with time or the opportunity to include it in his itinerary.

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