The Woman’s Club
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Program of Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress; Cripple Creek, Colorado, July 16, 17, 18, 19, 1901
(page 50)
The Woman's Club of Cripple Creek

The Woman's Club is composed of the most intellectual and most influential ladies of Cripple Creek. It was organized here years ago, with Mrs. Jennie B. Withus as president. From a charter membership of about twenty-five it has grown into a club of more than a hundred and fifty. The club is composed of three departments;

  1. The Art and Literature
  2. Home and Education
  3. and the Musical.

Each department has always done efficient work along its particular line. In addition to the regular work the different departments have instituted auxiliaries, viz.:

Inglesia Home, a charitable organization where women and girls out of employment may find a comfortable home for a nominal sum; if need be, without remuneration.

The parliamentary drill, which has been for three years under the supervision of Mrs. H. N. Lee, is a class at which parliamentary law was taught and studied.

The Phonolite Chorus, under the directorship of Mrs. C. J. Moore, whose able tutelage in voice culture and musical training has made it one of Cripple Creek's most popular musical bodies.

The club has labored faithfully and ardently along the lines of reform and for the betterment of educational conditions. From this sentiment has sprung the different mothers' clubs of the city, whose purpose is to bring teachers and mothers nearer together, and inspire greater home interest in school affairs.

The latest and most beneficial undertaking of the club is the establishment of a public library. It is an accomplishment in which the members of the Woman's Club feel an especial pride. At present the library consists of more than 700 well-selected books, and the collection is being constantly added to. The ladies who were instrumental in establishing this public enterprise are: Mrs. Thora Satterlee, Mrs. Susan Nolta, Mrs. Luella Cole, Mrs. Sara McKown, Mrs. Isabel Turner, Mrs. Mary Hange, Mrs. Sara P. De Con.

The club and its various departments are in a prosperous condition; and the good work already accomplished gives promise of a brilliant future. The members of the Woman's Club constitute a committee on social entertainment for the Trans-Mississippi Congress. The energy and zeal displayed by the club on this occasion insure the success of the congress.

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