Known Drainage/Transport Tunnels, Powerplants, Etc.: 5
Last updated: 20 September, 2016 16:40

List are from my own Database. I've put down the list as an alphabetic one, and not by the arbitrary ID number - the first 337 of those ID numbers is from a 1903-ish map from the USGS showing the location of mines & mills, and after that I've just added new numbers as I find some info or other reasons I find a new entity, and have the need to keep track of them.

El Paso Drainage Tunnel [aka Cripple Creek Drainage Tunnel] (#309)
Type: Drainage Tunnel
Last Update: 21.09.2016

La Bella Power Plant (#948)
Type: Power Plant
Last Update: Never

Roosevelt Tunnel (#916)
Type: Drainage Tunnel
Last Update: 05.06.2018 (Entity Images)

Skagway Power Plant (#1 188)
Type: Power Plant
Last Update: Never

United Mines Tunnel | Columbine-Victor Tunnel (#912)
Type: Transportation Tunnel
Last Update: Never

Total of the above: 5

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