Goldfield Electric Plant:
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The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Thursday, February 17, 1898
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Scheme to Supply Mines With Power Being Carried Out.
Grading Is In Progress
First Estimate of 2000 Horse Power Capacity Is Now To Be Doubled.
Compressor Is Included

An enterprise of great importance to the whole district, and especially to the mines in the Bull hill region, is the gigantic power house now being erected by the Smith-Moffat people at Goldfield.

Originally designed to furnish a 2000-horse power electric current of which half was to be utilized by the syndicate's mines, and the other by the Golden Circle railway, indications now are that the capacity will be made just double that figure. This is because so many applications have been made to the management by the neighboring mines for power.

Graders are now at work leveling the ground, and the foundations will be laid very shortly. The original plan called for a building 90x100 feet in dimensions, to cost between $125,000 and $150,000. The additional capacity which has now been decided upon will put at least another $100,000 on this estimate.

The mines to be supplied includes the Granite, the Golden Cycle properties, the Legal Tender, the Anaconda, and the great Victor.

In addition to the electric power thus furnished, the syndicate is seriously considering another big building to contain an enormous battery of air compressors to supply the mines.

Figures on the power furnished mines are deceptive. When a mine is using 100 horse power from a steam plant, the pressure must always be kept at that point, and though the engine is not actually running one-third of the time, the waste of fuel and steam is large. When 100 horse power is furnished by an electric current, there is no waste. The moment the cage is stopped the current is cut off, and the additional power generated is stored up.

So that it really amounts to 300 horse power in the ordinary sense of the term. Looking at the matter in this light, it will be seen that the proposition to furnish a 2000 horse power current means in effect the supplying of 6000 horse power.

Work will be pushed with all practicable speed and a few months more will see a revolution of methods in the section reached by the Golden Circle road, and the compressed air pipes, and electric power line from the great Goldfield plant.


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