La Bella Electric Light Co
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The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Sunday, July 23, 1899
(page 6)
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Agent of the Company Was About Among the Merchants of the City Yesterday.

Within a few weeks now the La Bella Electric Light Co., the Goldfield company, controlled by the Smith-Moffat people, will have light and power for sale in this city [Cripple Creek]. Yesterday an agent of the company was in the city, visiting about among the merchants, seeing how many orders he could get for the new juice, and he made the statement that that the current would be turn-on permanently within ten days or two weeks time.

The company obtained a franchise a year or more ago, and for the the past year have been constructing a mammoth plant at Goldfield, which is just completed. The plant is one of the largest in America, and is provided with some of the heaviest and most ponderous electrical machinery in the world, which runs as light as a sewing machine when in full blast.

The company proposes also to deliver power to subscribers, there being two currents, and will rent it out to the mines and to all users of it, for that matter. For the past several weeks the line of poles has been steadily approaching this city, and now the work is all but completed, which explains the visit of the agent to this city yesterday, in an endeavor to see just what business it is to receive upon entering the new field.


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