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The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Tuesday, January 7, 1896
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Premature Explosion of Giant Powder at Victor Yesterday Created a Panic and Damages Several Buildings.

The explosion of twenty-one sticks of giant powder on the main street of Victor caused the citizens of that town to run franticly through the street and seek shelter in the more substantial buildings. Powder seems to be a full cousin to the electric storms that frequent the skies and perform miracles.

The miracle that this bunch of powder performed was exploding in the center of the town injuring no one, and only doing a slight damage. The powder had been procured for blasting the rocks from the center of the streets, and during the night has frozen. When it is in this condition it is useless as an explosive and has to be thawed out before it can be used. Anderson & Co. have the contract to blast the rock and employ a large force of men. The foreman of the gang put one man to work thawing out the powder.

About 9 o'clock yesterday morning while the other men went to work drilling holes. All went well until the man with the powder startled the community by running along the streets yelling, "Run for your lives."

The workmen and the citizens did not need the second warning, but ran like frightened sheep and got behind boulders, large buildings and breathlessly awaited the consequence. They did not have long to wait for in a few moments the explosion occurred. The weaker of the buildings rocked like cradles, windows and plate glass were smashed into fragments and those who had not heard the warning rushed out of their houses thinking an earthquake had occurred.

The news of what happened was soon made known and the people flocked to Second and Victor streets where the explosion occurred. On examination it was found that not a person was injured. The buildings near by were the only ones that vere damaged. Their plate glass fronts were smashed and the contents of the stores thrown to the floor. Insurance covered most of the damaged property and the loss will be quite small.

The man who had charge of the powder states that in thawing it out it become ignited and started to burn, when he gave the warning cry. More precaution will be taken in the future, and when powfer has to be thawed it may be taken on one of the hills.


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