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Victor News Sept. 2, 1897
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The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Thursday, September 2, 1897.
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Both Roads will Soon Have New Depots Open
Remodeling of the Hotel Victor.

The business and residence building boom has not reached its legitimate limits here. The fact can be verified by a tour through the city, where business and residence structures are in progress of erection and have been completed within the last 90 days.

A the head of West Victor avenue the building movement is to be seen in the erection of half a dozen fine residences that are equal to the best found in much larger towns. A number of others will also be under way in that locality during the next 60 days.

Homes of a neat and substantial character are being built in different parts of the city.

In the business center, on Victor avenue between Third and Second streets, the vacant ground there that has been open for several years, has during the past two months, been improved by the erection of two first-class frame structures that are already occupied by mercantile houses with large stocks, the new buildings being so arranged that four or five different firms find ample accominodations for carrying on of their respective lines of trade.

Beginning of the great fire, Victor, Colo. Victor around the Railroad Stations,
as seen at start of the 1899 Fire.
Photo by: Harlan
Imaged base at Denver Public Library
(Call Number: X-533)

It is a pleasing feature of these new business houses to note that they have attractive window displays in striking contrast with the old style of business that was prevalent generally in the earlier days of the city, but which is fast being done away with by Victor merchants in general. The fact is, anyone who has not visited the town for a period of six months past will be surprised to see the changed and pleasing aspect which the mercantile class have assumed in the adornment of a large number of stores and places of business.

At the head of South Fourth street the Midland Railway company is putting up a large passenger and freight depot, the foundation for which is completed and work on the brick superstructure begun.

It will be a first-class affair, and one that the railroad company and the town has long needed.

Victor Depot. F. & C.C. R.R. View at the F. & C.C. R.R Station in Victor,
Dated around 1896.
Photo by: H.S. Poley

The Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad company has plans and specifications ready for the building of its new passenger depot in the triangular space on North Fourth street, that is bounded by Diamond avenue on the north, and Fourth street on the west.

It is a fine site for depot purposes, being square in the center of the city's business activity. The new depot facilities, which will shortly become a reality aree certain to increase the popularity of the second city in the district.

The general opinion among all classes of people in Victor, taken in connection with the brief outline of improvements that have been noted above, is that the outlook for the coming fall and winter season, both in mining and other pursuits, is far better that it was at this time one year ago.

Work of Remodeling the Building Now Going On.

Remodeling and improving the Hotel Victor is progressing rapidly. when finished, which will be in about four weeks, there will be no better appointed and more convenient house in the district.

The alterations are necessary as the old order of things in the business center has been rapidly giving way to the new, in many ways observed at first glance, and ample first-class hotel accommodations have long been needed at this end of the Cripple Creek district. The hotel will be refurnished throughout, it is said, and its cuisine made equal to any that is provided at the best class of hostelries.

In short the hotel will be made as substantial and comfortable a place as the traveling and resident public could find in any other portion of the state, and will no doubt, aid in making the city a recognized resort for mining and traveling men when visiting this section of the great gold fields.

Victor Trades Assembly Brings It Together.

A call has been issued by the Victor Trades Assembly for an open meeting at the assembly rooms on Sunday next to discuss the question of unionism and to bring together the unorganized labor element of the district. A number of prominent speakers in labor ranks will be present. A large attendance is desired, and no doubt the meeting will be numerously attended.


There was a meeting of the Victor Hardware Merchants association held today at the Business Men's club. General business pertaining to the welfare of the association was transacted. The matter of prices on powder supplies was discussed, and an agreement in that direction was reached. The meeting was very harmonious.



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