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Colorado State Journal, 1904 Annual Edition
(page 23 + page 17 for the picture)
View at Victor from South East, across a hill Looking at town across hills south east of Victor.

TO write up the city of Victor would seem, at first glance, but to repeat a mention of its sister city, Cripple Creek, or, at best, to tell a very similar story.

This would be true were it not that the public which thinks it knows something about the Cripple Creek district fails almost utterly to appreciate how important a part of that district the city of Victor really is. Victor is the home of the bonanza gold producers of the district. The Portland, which has produced nearly $19,000,000, Stratton's Independence, with a record of $16,000,000, the Strong, with $8,500,000 to its credit, the Gold Coin, with more than $5,000,000 to show,—all these are Victor properties, while the Elkton, which has given its owners $5,000,000, is just outside the town.

Victor is a city of enterprising men. It has the highest membership in fraternal organizations of all Colorado cities except Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, and has a social circle of which any city could well be proud.

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