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Seeing Cripple Creek, January 1904
(page 11)
Front of the Seeing Cripple Creek January 1904 magazine

THAT the Cripple Creek district has entered what will be the most prosperous year in its history is admitted by everybody. The labor strikes, which threatened for a while to disrupt the progress of the district, are now a thing of the past, and the differences have been settled for all time. The period of wild-cat speculation has entirely passed. Fake flotations will no longer be allowed. In other words, the district has settled down to a firm financial basis, which means much for the greatness of the great gold camp.

Instead of being a place to make a quick fortune and then depart, the Cripple Creek district has become a place for permanent investment. Mining in the district has no longer the element of a gamble. The ore bodies and veins are known to an extent certain enough to make mining a business, rather than a gamble.

The entire area within the known "Gold Belt" is mineralised; some will succeed in great measure, other in less. But all will succeed, if perseverance is the watchword, backed by brains and some money, of course. There will be found in this issue a full account of nearly thirty new and rich strikes that have been made in the district within sixty days. Heretofore the district has been so busy taking out the gold and sending it to market that the virgin territory has been left untouched. Now new fields are being opened and the heretofore undeveloped territory is being made to become a rich producer of the yellow metal.

There are just as good opportunities for fortune making in the year 1904 as there were at any time in the history of the camp. More money will be taken from the eternal hills this year than during any other year in the history of the camp.

Thus are the predictions of "Seeing Cripple Creek" verified to the letter. Take one more word of advice, and you will have realised the dream of every mortal on this Mundane sphere: Invest in Cripple Creek, either mine yourself, or become interested in a reliable mining company. The profits are sure to come to him that persists. Cripple Creek has amply demonstrated the fact that it is in its infancy; that it will yield for more than the natural lifetime of any of its, more gold than it has yet produced. The time is here; and it is up to you to take advantage of it, or forever hold your peace!

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