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D. W. Mason (Jan. 1903)

The Cripple Creek Times
New Year Edition 1903
(page 61)


One of the staunch friends of the great north end of the district is D. W. Mason, superintendent of the Hoosier and Friday mines, on Tenderfoot hill. Under his charge considerable development has been performed in both mines.

D. W. Mason
David W. Mason.
D. W. Mason
David W. Mason. [Colored]

Mr. Mason, who is a mining engineer of great ability, opened the latest producer of Tenderfoot hill, the Friday, adjoining the Hoosier.

Mr. Mason began mining in the lead and silver mines of England. In 1888 he came to this state and took charge of the Summit mine, at Telluride, which he developed into a good producer.

From there he went to Gunnison, and then to British Columbia.

From the latter place he came to this district and took charge of the Hoosier mine. His ability is such that big mining men recognize in him a manager that mines underground and gets good results.


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