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Beside some info at your left of various stuff linked to the town, below is some text I found interesting:

Seeing Cripple Creek, January 1904
(page 45)

A public library.

Two brick hospitals.

Two daily newspapers.

Five story brick buildings.

A fine police department.

Almost constant sunshine.

Fifteen thousand population.

A free delivery carrier system.

Churches of all denominations.

The county seat of Teller county.

A commandery of Knight Templars.

No tramps; everybody prosperous.

Dust in the streets which pans gold.

A lodge of every secret order known.

A modern fire alarm telegraph system.

The purest water any where to be found.

Macadamized streets and stone sidewalks.

A Grand opera house seating 1,500 people.

Physicians and surgeons of national repute.

An unsurpassed summer and winter climate.

A $30,000 residence, owned by J. Maurice Finn.

Three hundred trains arriving and departing daily.

A mountain electric railroad—the wonder of the world.

A bank with $1,300,000 on deposit—the First National.

The brightest members of the legal fraternity in the state.

An unlimited transient restaurant service at moderate prices.

Placer mines which yielded a million dollars in the past ten years.

A liberty-loving, law-abiding, generous and good natured community.

Unlimited possibilities for successful mining west, northwest and south of the city.

Energetic, wide-awake merchants and the latest fashionably trimmed store windows.



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