The Butte Concert Hall
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The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Sunday, February 16, 1896
(page 8)
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Work of Construction on the Grand Concert Hall Being Pushed as Rapidly as Possible - To Be Opened next Saturday.

Once more THE TIMES calls this attention of the public to the grand concert hall, to be known as The Butte, now under construction on Bennett avenue between First and Second. The Butte will be under the management of Mr. Joseph Halbekann, a man of many years experience in his line throughout the southwestern states and territories, and his partner, Mr. Joseph Hertz, has been in the southern country for many years, and made a grand success of his business.

The Buttes will be run as a first class amusement hall for gentlemen only. It will be equipped with the most substantial of furniture in the bar-room, the fixtures of which will be the most expensive that have ever been brought to Cripple Creek.

An ornamental feature will be three life-size statues, Mother Eve among them. A neat stage will be constructed, on which will appear nightly from 8 to 12 o'clock, a Vienna ladies orchestra, who will render a program of select music.

All day long and in the evening the management will be prepared to serve the public with an imported delicatessen lunch, a la Tony Faust of St. Louis. Every effort is being made to have the resort open by next Saturday, the 22d instant.

In conjunction with the retail department will be "The Distiller's Agency," managed by Mr. S. Wilmer, who will be the local representative for S. Hirsch & Co., distillers of Kansas City, and for F. Heims, the famous Kansas City brewer. Mr. Wilmer will supply the wholesale trade of the district with the excellent goods manufactured by these firms.

He will also handle cigars manufactured by three of the best factories in New York.

Look out for the opening announcement.

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