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C.C. Enterprise G.M. Co. (Jan. 1903)

The Cripple Creek Times
New Year Edition 1903
(page 60-61)

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A Gold Mine Under the City of Cripple Creek
View of the National Hotel With the Cripple Creek City Mine in the Foreground.
View of the National Hotel With
the Cripple Creek City Mine in the Foreground.

Through the farsightedness and energy of The Cripple Creek Enterprise Gold Mining Company, this has become a fact.

The existence of rich gold-bearing veins, lying beneath the streets of Cripple Creek has long been known, but it remained for Dan Hanley, a veteran prospector, to exploit the riches over which the people of the city have been passing for years.

Daniel Hanley, President
Daniel Hanley, President

On May 21, 1902, Mr. Hanley secured a franchise for the exclusive mining rights under the city of Cripple Creek, through an ordinance passed by the mayor and city council, and later these rights were transferred to The Cripple Creek Enterprise Gold Mining Company, of which Mr. Hanley is the president.

The company begins operations under the most favorable of conditions. Usually a shaft is sunk upon a mere prospect, no one knowing what will develop; but not so in this case, for enough known veins had been discovered before the Cripple Creek Enterprise Company took hold of the proposition, to assure the success of the enterprise.

Wyoming State Archives Photo Collection (STIM/811A)
View at a vein in a Rock Cutting along North 5th Street, Below the Hillside House and Church at end of East Carr Avenue.
Photographer: J. E. Stimson in 1903

A remarkable feature of these known veins is, that they crop out at the surface, and most of them show ore of a surprising richness. As the experience of the camp has been that the values increase with depth, there is every reason to believe that the Cripple Creek Enterprise Company is in possession of one of the very best things to be found in the great gold camp.

One of the greatest known veins controlled by the Cripple Creek Enterprise Company, is known as the Hanley vein. This was cut by an excavation for a building, and close to the surface it was found to be four feet wide.

A shipment of ore taken out at a depth of five feet from the surface, upon this vein, averaged $52.20 to the ton. It is the intention of the company to go down several hundred feet and follow this vein.

Rich ore might have been mined at the very surface, but it was thought best to sink a shaft. and to work the several veins at a reasonable depth. To accomplish this purpose, lots were purchased and a modern plant of machinery was installed.

The Cripple Creek Enterprise Gold Mining Company receives the cordial endorsement of the people of the city, the commercial bodies and the city council. Its officers are well-known business and mining men of high standing.

The people have the utmost confidence in their knowledge and integrity, and the people know what sort of a mining proposition the company possesses. For these reasons, the enterprise is endorsed, and its officers are receiving the cordial co-operation of the people.

The officers are:

Dan Hanley, of Cripple Creek, president

A. McKillip, Cripple Creek, vice-president

L. H. Allen, Cripple Creek, secretary

C. E. Meisse, Chicago, treasurer.

graphic for text indentationWhile the image quality is not that great due to the very limited size of the digital image, I was able to compare this with other images and on my collection ID I-00434 {Denver Public Library Call Number: CHS.J3305] I found clearly same structures as in this view here, about 1/4 in from left-hand side.
graphic for text indentationThat means that this view is from along north 5th Street in Cripple Creek, looking west and north, just south of the non-existing corner with East Carr Avenue, which the three structures on the hilltop is located along. The building marked Hillside is per Sheet 11 of Sanborn 1900 the Hillside Ho (which means either House or Hotel), which was located at 447 East Carr Ave. Just west of it is a small house and then a brick structure which was the Congregational Church.
graphic for text indentationAs I've seen a December 31, 1904 article talking about the Cripple Creek City Mine and exposed veins in the town due to street, railroad, etc., works, I know that the men posing here is to show some sort of vein they look at as exposed here. Most likely this is linked to the following text from the before mention article in The Mining World;
graphic for text indentation-> ''A porphyry dyke six feet wide is exposed on west side of Fifth street, a block and a half from the National hotel, and an immense basalt dyke was also exposed in cutting this street. The dip of these two dykes indicates a junction at about 100 feet depth, and the surface assays lead to the expectation of good results being obtained at this junction.''
graphic for text indentationI would not dare to guess the names of the men posing though. And source had no info given.
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