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C.C. Sampling and Ore Co. (Jan. 1903)

The Cripple Creek Times
New Year Edition 1903
(page 62)


The people of the Cripple Creek district boast, and rightfully, in having the most complete and modern sampler, in the works of the Cripple Creek Sampling and Ore Company, in the entire country.

Sampling Wks in Cripple Creek
Cripple Creek Sampling Works of
The Cripple Creek Sampling and Ore Co.
Bull Hill Works of The Cripple Creek Sampling and Ore Co.
Bull Hill Sampling Works of
The Cripple Creek Sampling and Ore Co.

A sampler is a guarantee of protection against loss through the mistakes of anybody and saves the mining companies thousands of dollars each month, besides considerable worry.

The Company's Bull Hill plant is capable of crushing 1,200 tons of ore each day, and so far as capacity is concerned, there is nothing in the state that approaches it.

Two huge crushers 15x24, are constantly in operation, crushing the ore fine enough that a sample may be secured, from which the value of the different lots can be determined.

Besides being a check against anybody's mistakes a sampler affords a ready means of obtaining cash by the small shipper who can ill afford, at times, to wait for his returns from the smellers or mill, where it sometimes takes a couple of weeks to make a settlement on account of the great tonnage of ore being handled by them.

A sampler receives the ore today and settles tomorrow.

Some idea of the capacity of the Cripple Creek Sampler can be gained, when it is said that in twenty-four hours' run, the machinery can easily handle a trainload of forty-eight cars, each car having a capacity of twenty-five tons.

Such a sampling works is a marvel and the officers may well feel proud of it.

Besides the Bull Hill plant, the Company owns a plant situated in the city of Cripple Creek. This plant has a capacity of 10,000 tons per month.

Cripple Creek Sampling and Ore Co. Office
Bull Hill/Victor Pass Office of
The Cripple Creek Sampling and Ore Co.

During the year just closed the Company received, crushed and settled for 150,000 tons of ore. The average value of the ore was $33.00 per ton making the total value of the ore they handled worth the enormous sum of $4,950,000.00.

George F. Fry, who operates the works, is well known throughout the district and state, and is noted for his sterling worth to the community.


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