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Cripple Creek 1899 Production (1899, December 31)

The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Sunday Morning, December 31, 1899.
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Our Output of Gold is Greater Than That of Any State in the Union.
We Extend to the Nations Wishes for a Prosperous and Happy New Year.
IN 1900 WE WILL MINE $30,000,000, PERHAPS MORE
We Shake Hands With Colorado and Promise That She Shall Lead the World in Production of Gold.
By Unknown

Twenty millions, seven hundred and sixty-one thousand, eight hundred and forty two dollars, is the value of the gold output of the Cripple Creek district for the year 1899. In round numbers, it is $21,000,000. The production for the last month of 1899 was $3,000,000.

Economic Mill, Cripple Creek District.
Economic Mill, Cripple Creek District.

By months for the year, the output of the district is as follows:

January $ 1,522,500
February 1,296,750
March 1,504,000
April 1,513,000
May 1,625,212
June 1,091,000
July 1,181,980
August 1,445,300
September 1,731,000
October 2,003,600
November 2,847,500
December 3,000,000
Total $ 20,761,842

The output for the Cripple Creek district for the month of December is $3,000,000 in round numbers, including the estimated output of the Economic mill, for which no clean-up has been made. The Economic has been in operation a month and a great quantity of ore has been handled in an experimental way, which General Manager Woods estimates to be worth $100,000.

The work of the year may be shown in the figures of the Woods Investment company.

The ore shipped from the properties owned by the Woods people is as follows:

Tonnage Value
Gold Coin 26,800 $ 1,250,000
Wild Horse 8,746 425,600
Deadwood 4,000 135,000
Jack Pot 18,640 850,000
Battle Mountain and other properties 125,000
Total $ 2,785,600

These are the highest figures of any combination of mines.

The Independence output for the year is $2,000,000.

The Portland is $2,2500,000

So it can be observed that the Woods Investment company has jumped to the top, and had it not been for the Victor fire and the consequent shutting down of the Gold Coin the output from this group alone would have been $3,000,000 for the year.

Mining 1200 Feet Below the Surface.
Mining 1200 Feet Below the Surface.

The output from the various reduction mills and smelters is as follows:

Tonnage Per ton Value
Arequa 2,000 $ 23 $     46,000
Colorado City 8,200 35 287,000
Metallic, Florence 8,250 20 165,000
El Paso 3,500 35 122,500
National 1,650 35 57,750
Miscellaneous 50,000
Smelting ore 28,000 80 2,240,000
Total $ 2,968,250

In the smelting ore is included the recent Isabella shipment, which is of the highest grade and raises the average of the value per ton. The tonnage from the district is less than it was last month.

This rounds out a production of $74,000,000 in nine years.

The production of the camp by years from the date of discovery is as follows:

1891 $      200,000.00
1892 600,000.00
1893 2,500,000.00
1894 4,000,000.00
1895 8,000,000.00
1896 10,000,000.00
1897 12,000,000.00
1898 16,000,000.00
1899 $ 21,000,000.00

The output of gold from the state of Colorado for the year 1899 was $36,000,000. Of this vast amount Cripple Creek produced $21,000,000, or nearly two-thirds of the grand total. This little treasure spot only six miles square, will add to the worlds gold mined during the year just closed over one and a third as much as that produced by the state of California.

Teller county is not very large when measured by the number of acres contained within its boundaries, but measured from the standpoint of the gold it outputs, she's a whale.

These figures, when compared with those of Teller county, prove conclusively that although we are only ten months of age that we are in it at least $21,000,000 worth. It produced more gold than Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Utah, South Dakota, Arizona and New Mexico combined.


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