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Lexington Gold Mining Co.

The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Sunday Morning, December 31, 1899.
(page 23, or newspaper page numbered 19)

Source had one bad image, but I added almost exact one from another source in my collection.

The Lexington Gold Mining company owns the;

View of the Surface Improvements of the Lexington Mine.
View towards the Lexington Mine.

Clara D.



Nellie V.

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis No. 2

These claims are containing about thirteen acres, all on Gold hill, just above the city. During the past year a large amount of work was performed on the Clara D. claim by the company, the principal shaft being 285{?] feet deep, from which several levels have been run upon the vein, some times called the Maloney cross-vein and which in the Anchoria-Leland property, adjoining has yielded $500,000 worth of ore.

The same vein is being exploited in the E. Porter Gold King property. In the development of the Clara D. property there is now blocked out, ready for stoping over $100,000 worth of medium grade ore.

Four Sullivan air drills are in use. The policy of the company is to keep a large reserve in sight. There are now three separate and paying veins on this claim, one of them having been discovered during the month of December, near the south end of the property. During the past year the Lexington company has mined and shipped ore exceeding $60,000 in gross value and its ore bins are filled to overflowing.

There is in the treasury about $20,000 in cash, and stock worth at present quotations about $80,000. Estimating the product in the future by the present showing it is probable that the company will ship sufficient ore during this year to pay a profit of $50,000 or $60,000 from all its workings to say nothing of the expected production from the new vein above referred to.

The officers of the company are:

J. Stanley Jones, president

C. C. Butler, vice president

N. H. Partridge, secretary and treasurer.

The offices of the company are at rooms Nos. 11 and 12 Giddings block, Colorado Springs.


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