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Strong Mine (Jan. 1903)

The Cripple Creek Times
New Year Edition 1903
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I added 2 maps from Hills 1900 Manual.

One of the most remarkable mines of the Cripple Creek district is the Strong, and mainly for the fact that its enormous production has been mined from one vein; it being the only property known to have but one producing vein.

1900 Map of Strong Gold Mining Co. Properties in the Cripple Creek District, with Portland G.M. Co. Compromise Line
1900 Map showing location of Strong G. M. Co. Properties in the Cripple Creek District
1900 Map of Strong Gold Mining Co. Property, with Portland G.M. Co. Compromise Line in Section 29, T.15S, R.69W
1900 Map of Strong G. M. Co. Properties in the Cripple Creek District

The Strong mine is situated in the granite, a portion of the country that the experts in the early days stated would not yield pay ore.

When Messrs. Lennox and Giddings started operations, many tried to induce them to abandon the work, claiming that it would result in great financial loss; but with the same perseverance they have always displayed, they went ahead, and the result has been the opening of a mine that has disbursed dividends to the amount of close to one million dollars.

The Strong is a close corporation, owned by four people - William Lennox, E. W. Giddings, Judge E. A. Colburn and Senator N. B. Scott, of West Virginia.

The company was organized in 1892. A bond and lease, calling for a payment of $60,000.00, was taken on the Strong mine. For a year after operations were started, the expense proved to be a continual drain on the owners, but with an abiding faith that it would ultimately prove to be a great producer, they continued.

After a year's operations ore was encountered, and the further development paid for itself. A year later the bond was taken up.

The first level was driven a distance of 800 feet in the porphyry. The next level was shorter in that formation, as each succeeding level has been, until now the formation is granite.

The company has been paying regular dividends since 1895, and the profits taken out are close to one million dollars.

William Lennox, President The Strong Gold Mining Company.
William Lennox, President Strong G. M. Co.
Location on the 1903 USGS Topo-Map

The ore zone is confined to a single vein, that has varied in width from one foot up to forty feet. The grade of the ore has been uniform throughout.

The development of the property has always been kept ahead of the production, and from the present showing there is sufficient ore in sight to maintain the present production for a period of ten years.

The bottom of the shaft is 900 feet below the surface, making it from a point of elevation, lower than the bottom of the great Portland shaft, further up the hill.

The ore body is regular and persistent, and disproves all theories advanced by the experts years ago, when they turned their backs on the infant camp and left untold millions behind.

The Strong mine is an example of what can be found in the granite, and the owners, in not heeding the advice of would-be friends, benefited the camp, and proved that experts can see no farther in the ground than the ordinary man.

The Strong Mine
The Strong Mine


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