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Cripple Creek 1899 Dividends (1899, December 31)

The Morning Times, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Sunday Morning, December 31, 1899.
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What the Big Properties of the Camp Paid Out to the Stock Holders During 1899.
A Flattering Showing in Favor of the Greatest Gold Camp on Earth.
The List is a Long One But Does Not Take Into Account the Returns From Private Mines.
By Unknown

The total amount of money paid in dividends by the mines of the district is a hard matter to get at, by reason of the many close corporations and leases. It is safe to say, though, that the dividends paid the past year will easily reach the five million dollar mark.

View of Eclipse, CO
View down Eclipse gulch towards the Economic Mill.

Stratton's Independence leads the list of dividend payers having disbursed $976,000 in two dividends. The Portland followed next, having disbursed a total of $720,000. The Isabella is third on the list, with a total of $270,000 being paid. Fourth on the list is the big Gold Coin of Victor, with a record of $210,000 having been paid. These four mines alone paid $2,176,000 in dividends. It is a well known fact the ore reserves of these mines are so vast that ore enough could be mined from these properties alone to pay double the dividends they have the past twelve months.

Portland Gold Mine Company Shaft & Ore House ca 1899.
Railroad Scene below the Portland Mine.

If it were known just the amount of profit derived from all the leases of the camp and the profit of the close corporations, the figures would be amazing. Unfortunately, that information is not obtainable, so it is impossible for the public to know the great profit made in mining in the district each year. One thing is absolutely certain, the balance side of the ledger will show a big profit, if taken collectively.

Mining 1200 Feet Below the Surface.
Mining 1200 Feet Below the Surface.

It is a well-known fact that there has been a great deal more taken out of the ground in this district than has been invested, and that is a record that few mining camps can claim. Cripple Creek claims it, and there is no going back of the assertion, for the figures prove it each year. Of course, there are individual losses. Everyone cannot make a fortune.

The soon to follow list of dividends paid show how remarkably successful mining is here. If all profits were obtainable it would be all the more remarkable.

There are hundreds of leases in the camp being worked by individuals that are to-day paying handsome profits and some are paying with little or no outlay of money, while others have cost thousands of dollars to put into shape to pay.

No doubt the biggest lease in the camp to-day is that on the Doctor mine. Ore was encountered in that property within a week after the present lessees took charge and to-day it is one of the greatest producers of high grade ore in the district.

The following is the list of dividends paid during the past year:


Stratton's Independence—
  September $488,000  
December 488,000
Total $976,000
  September $30,000  
December 33,750
Total $63,750
Squaw Mountain Tunnel—
  October $10,000  
Total $10,000
Orphan G. M. Co.
  Total $32,899  
Grafton Company (Hoosier)—
  October $10,000  
Total $10,000
  October $3,000  
December $3,000
Total $6,000
Mt. Rosa M. M. and L. Co.—
  December $40,000  
Total $40,000
  January $135,000  
June 45,000
September 22,500
December 67,500
Total $270,000
Gold Coin—
  January $10,000  
February 10,000
March 10,000
April 10,000
May 10,000
June 10,000
July 10,000
August 10,000
September 10,000
October 10,000
November 10,000
December 10,000
Christmas dividend 90,000
Total $210,000
  January 02 $60,000  
February 02 60,000
March 02 60,000
April 02 60,000
May 02 60,000
June 02 60,000
July 02 60,000
August 02 60,000
September 02 60,000
October 02 60,000
November 02 60,000
December 02 60,000
Total $720,000
Consolidated Gold Mines Co.—
  December $10,000  
Total $10,000
Associated Gold Mining Co.—
  February 01 $12,500  
Total $12,500
  January $11,367.18  
February 11,367.18
March 11,367.18
April 11,367.18
May 11,367.18
June 11,367.18
July 11,367.18
August 11,367.18
September 11,367.18
October 11,367.18
November 11,367.18
December 11,367.18
Total $136,406.16
Gold King—
  February 01 $10,000  
July 03 30,000
October 03 30,000
December 23,685
Total $93,685
  January $25,000  
February 25,000
March 25,000
April 25,000
May 25,000
June 25,000
July 25,000
August 25,000
September 25,000
October 25,000
November 25,000
December 25,000
Total $300,000
  January $10,000  
February 10,000
August 10,000
September 10,000
October 5,000
December 15,000
Total $60,000
Golden Cycle—
  January $10,000  
February 10,000
March 10,000
April 10,000
May 10,000
June 10,000
July 10,000
August 10,000
September 10,000
October 10,000
November 10,000
December 10,000
Total $120,000
Jack Pot—
  Total $150,000  
  January 03 quarterly $18,000  
April 03 quarterly 18,000
Total $36,000
Mary McKinney—
  October 10 03 $30,000  
December 30,000
Total $60,000
  January 05 quarterly $50,750  
April 02½ quarterly 25,375
July 05 quarterly 50,750
October 05 quarterly 50,750
Total $177,625
Last Dollar—
  November 1 $30,000  
Total $30,000
Garfield Consolidated—
  May $12,000  
Total $12,000
Creston Leasing Company—
  Total $472,741  
  July 01 $10,000  
September 10,000
October 10,000
November 10,000
Total $40,000
T. F. T.—
  Account of sale of property 07 $35,000  
Total $35,000
  February $100,000  
Total $100,000
Lawrence M. & M. Co.—
  Total 012/5 $10,000  
Total $10,000
  Total $32,500  
Black Bells—
  Total $ 5,000  
  Total $213,150  
Thompson G. M. Co.—
  Total $156,000  


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