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Little Frank S. Mining Co. (Jan. 1903)

The Cripple Creek Times
New Year Edition 1903
(page 89)

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Location on the 1903 USGS Topo-Map

The Little Frank S. mine is located on the summit and east slope of Raven hill, immediately north of the Elkton property, and adjoins the Joe Dandy on the south.

In such a location, between two of the best producing mines of Raven hill, with their best ore-bearing veins traversing the Little Frank S. property, it is not wonderful that that property will be shown a decided preference in the consolidation of prominent Raven hill mines about to be consummated.

The Little Frank S. mine has been in continuous process of development since August, 1900, when the arrangements of purchase were completed between the well known promoter, Judge R. G. Mullen, and the Little Frank S. Mining company, a close corporation, owned and controlled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with Hon. C. E. Perkins as president.

The mine was equipped with an electric hoist early in the fall of 1900 and a vigorous plan of development entered upon.

A two compartment shaft has been sunk 330 feet and lateral work done from each of the three levels.

In the lateral development work done on the three levels various leads and veins were opened and prospected that have been decidedly a great advantage to the property.

East of the working shaft of the property the phonolite vein of the New Haven has been twice encountered, although the vein showed surprisingly high values and indications of tellurium.

They were spasmodic, a well known characteristic of this vein in other shafts in the immediate vicinity. The prospecting of this lead in the Little Frank S. verified the opinions of prominent mining men especially familiar with Raven hill—that is: depth alone is needed on Raven hill to reveal bodies of gold ore that will surprise the mining world.

Miners at Work Underground in Candle Light
Underground Scene.
Possible at the Little Frank S. Mine

By far the most important result obtained in the development work done in the Little Frank S. is in the 100-foot level, west, which was driven for a distance exceeding 280 feet to the junction of the Joe Dandy and Gregory veins.

At this point a very fine showing is revealed, in fact, a better showing at the same comparative depth than in the adjoining producers on the same strong veins which are tributary ones of the Little Frank S. ore shoot, the apex of which is opened at this point in the first level 280 feet from the shaft.

At the junction a vein of ore was disclosed ranging in width from eleven inches to four feet, averaging $32.00 to the ton from wall to wall, with several fissures hearing free gold in abundance carrying values from 30 to 61 ounces per ton in gold.

Sufficient work was done here to prove the apex of the shoot of ore made in this junction of these two well-known ore-bearing veins. A stope was made and also a winze sunk on the vein. In the bottom of the winze the shoot and vein of ore had widened out and improved sufficiently in value to warrant the driving of the crosscut from the third level to the ore shoot, which is holding its own splendidly and will yet prove to be one of the richest strikes made in the camp for some time past.

From the third level a crosscut is being driven west for the junction revealed in the level above. A few feet from the shaft an east and west vein of medium width was encountered, bearing values from time to time, until lately they have been more permanent and steady in occurrence.

As the drift approaches the junction the tributary east and west vein widens and now is as wide as the drift. The values found in this vein range from $16.20 to $66.40 per ton in gold.

Some ore has been saved from places in the vein and there is every indication that all the vein matter will, with development, make ore.

The showing in the property has never been as good as at the present time. In fact, the Little Frank S. mine is now beyond the prospect stage and will soon take its place among the producing mines of Raven hill.

East View Little Frank S. Mining Operations Near Raven Hill Summit in 1903
East View Little Frank S. Mining Operations Near Raven Hill Summit in 1903
Photo by F. L. Ransome, Photographed from Bull Hill 07.10.1903
North View Little Frank S. Mining Operations Near Summit of Raven Hill in 1903
North View Little Frank S. Mining Operations Near Summit of Raven Hill in 1903
Photo by F. L. Ransome, Photographed from Windy Point 08.10.1903


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