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Unity Gold Corp. 1932 Letter

Unity Gold Corporation November 8, 1932 Letter

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$600,000 - - - Par $1.00
Full Paid - Non-Assessable
Stock Outstanding - 125,000 Shares
Application is Being Made
for Active Trading in
Denver, Colorado
November 8, 1932


From the many communications received the past week it seems evident that our former letter did not convey all the necessary information regarding Unity Gold Corporation. These letters also impress upon us the fact that many people are willing to become financially interested in a gold mining development that has outstanding possibilities for quick and large profits.

ORE TRAIN en route from Cripple Creek District to the Golden Cycle Mill over the Midland Terminal Railway, wholly owned subsidiary of The Golden Cycle Corporation.
ORE TRAIN en route from Cripple Creek District to the Golden Cycle Mill over the M. T. Railway.

We wish it were possible for you to take a trip to Cripple Creek and learn for yourself that Gold Mining Really Pays. We would like to have you see the trains bearing high grade gold ore daily from Cripple Creek Mines to the Golden Cycle Mill at Colorado Springs, forty five miles distant.

If you could just pay a visit to Cripple Creek - and talk to scores of the leading citizens of that community and the leading mining men and let them tell you as they have us what they know regarding our property from first hand knowledge - if you could just stand there and see the "lay" of our property right between - wedged in between million dollar producers - we do not think there could be a doubt in your mind that Unity is destined to become a gold producer of importance and one that should pay and pay big in satisfactory returns to stockholders.

Realizing that such a visit on the part of everyone is not possible, we will endeavor to give you a word picture in our own plain language. We have had an authentic map made by one of the outstanding authorities on Cripple Creek, a copy of which you will find enclosed.

Map of area around Katinka Group on Guyot Hill
Unity Gold Corp. Holdings.
Lease of the Katinka Group on Guyot Hill

This map shows only that part of the district immediately surrounding Unity holdings. You will note that we are right between and adjacent to some of the largest producers in the district - and on the same system of veins.

It is because of this that the former operator of the Unity Property imediately sank the shaft to a depth of 1200 feet preparatory to mining on a large scale - death preventing the carrying out of his plans. He, evidently, considered this a "Sure Shot" - the same as old timers in the camp do today.

Cripple Creek has only been "scratched" - there have been several reasons for this. Labor troubles were responsible for one of the worst set backs. The World War {One, not Two, as that had not happen yet], with the high cost of machinery and supplies during a long period following the war was responsible for the last one. Cripple Creek, however, is today forging ahead rapidly under the guidance of the very best engineering talent backed by men of great wealth.

We believe it is to be absolutely true that if a new strike were made anywhere in this country with the same possibilities that Cripple Creek has, there would be a boom there that would make Cripple Creek look like a cow camp. There is no boom in Cripple Creek - nor is one wanted - there is a steady influx of real miners and real mining operators.

The greatest gold camp in the United States, and the greatest gold camp in the world is Cripple Creek. After reading the account of the millions produced (see production record) from this district, you will realize more fully these words - "the greatest gold camp in the world".

To realize the richness of the ore in this district it should be known that the millions produced in instances had come from very small plots of ground - for instance;

The W. P. H. - consisting of less than one acre, produced over $3,000,000.00 in gold.

The late Colonel A. E. Humphreys, of oil fame, took nearly $2,000,000.00 out of the Callie, of less than two acres.

Evan Williams, General Manager of Unity Gold Corporation, took over $1,000,000.00 out of the Trilby, less than one acre - etc.

A word about our next door neighbor - The El Paso Mine was originally opened with a forked stick, or divining rod, a device supposed to indicate if there was ore below. After some rather discouraging work, "Clint Tillery", a Missouri farmer, opened one of the richest veins of the mine, which, to date, has produced about $10,000,000.00 in gold.

Along the Cripple Creek Short Line 1916 - A View Back Towards the Mary McKinney Mine in Anaconda
1916 View back at Mary McKinney Mine along the M. T. mainline, from a Short Line train.

The Mary McKinney Mine, adjoining us on the North, was opened up by "tenderfoot" leasers, and to date has produced some $13,000,000.00 in gold. Merchants that had to take stock for groceries and supplies before pay ore was struck thought they were being robbed.

Unity Property lies right between these two rich properties, and you can be assured we will have no trouble getting the merchants to accept our stock in payment for groceries or supplies, should we so desire.

We have dwelled somewhat at length upon the record of our neighbors because we believe that the future possibilities of Unity Property can only truthfully be told by first giving a history of adjoining properties when these properties are on the same ore bearing vein, or system of veins.

Only in that way, we believe, you are more clearly able to see the foundation on which we build our confidence for the future success of Unity Gold Corporation.

It must be apparent, after a careful analysis of the richest gold district as compared to any other gold camp in the world, that one extraordinary and outstanding characteristic predominates - consistency of Phenomenally Rich Strikes - consistency in past performance and the promise of consistency in the future.

In the face of such overwhelming facts, every reader of this letter must admit that here is a district which should by all means be given consideration by anyone desiring or hoping to realize more than ordinary profits from a mining venture. Ore production and profits in Cripple Creek are not figments of any high powered writer's imagination. They are hard, cold facts, easily proven by reference to records of actual performance.

What has been done should be duplicated - perhaps exceeded. For with geological conditions more clearly defined, wasteful development can be avoided and money for exploration work expended to far better advantage than in the past.

Therefore, it is logical to conclude that Unity Property appraised by competent, experienced engineers as offering sound opportunity for successful and profitable development presents a very unusual possibility for big speculative market profits, substantial dividends over a long period of years, or both.

The market possibilities of Unity Gold Stock - like the property, are out of the ordinary. With a capitalization of only 600,000 shares - the bulk of which is held for investment account - there will be probably less than 200,000 shares in the market. To anyone at all familiar with market trading the speculative market profits are immediately apparent. With the opening of a high grade ore body, and that is confidently expected at an early date - the market action of the stock could easily border on the sensational. Application papers are now being prepared and active trading is expected to start within a short time.

In conclusion, we have herein tried to present to you all the salient facts concerning Unity Gold Property and Cripple Creek in a straight forward manner - with no thought of any fancy, high sounding superlatives, colorful or grossly exaggerated statements.

Briefly stated - If you are in a position to speculate - then Unity Gold Stock at 75¢ a share, is worthy of your serious consideration. $5.00 to $15.00 a share for Unity are our expectations, and we believe they will be realized. However, if you cannot afford to speculate - do not buy Unity, or, for that matter, any other stock.

It must be apparent to anyone that an opportunity like Unity Gold, which offers such great profit possibilities must necessarily involve some risk - even though it has been reduced to a minimum.

If you will accept our judgment you will take advantage of the present offering of Unity Gold at 75¢ a share, made possible for you by the North Butte Mining Company, and if you do accept the opportunity we suggest that you do not be in too big a hurry to take profits - good gold mining stocks often make spectacular market advances, and we confidently expect Unity Gold to do just that.

Thanking you for the courtesy of reading this letter.

Respectfully yours,


By W. N. Rockwell


P. S. We gratefully acknowledge the expressions of confidence and good wishes accompanying the many subscriptions received.

The following table shows the approximate authenticated gold production from the main mines of Cripple Creek.

Name of Mine Production
Gold King $ 5,000,000.00
Hoosier $ 300,000.00
C. O. D. $ 1,000,000.00
Sunshine $ 300,000.00
Abe Lincoln $ 2,000,000.00
Stratton Estate (North end) $ 4,000,000.00
Jerry Johnson $ 5,000,000.00
W. P. H. $ 3,000,000.00
Forest Queen $ 250,000.00
Moon Anchor $ 1,000,000.00
Lexington $ 400,000.00
Damon $ 300,000.00
Acacia $ 1,400,000.00
Pinnacle $ 350,000.00
Half Moon $ 500,000.00
Rex $ 1,500,000.00
London Derry $ 1,000,000.00
Free Coinage $ 2,000,000.00
Anchoria Leland $ 3,250,000.00
Conundrum $ 1,750,000.00
Midget $ 3,500,000.00
Kittie M. $ 500,000.00
Wild Horse $ 2,300,000.00
Isabella $ 12,500,000.00
Last Chance $ 100,000.00
Fanny Fern $ 1,000,000.00
Gold Bond $ 100,000.00
Mary McKinney $ 11,000,000.00
California $ 500,000.00
Happy Year $ 80,000.00
Ramona $ 250,000.00
Victor $ 2,500,000.00
Little Clara $ 1,000,000.00
Dolly Varden $ 250,000.00
War Eagle $ 400,000.00
Sheriff $ 175,000.00
Bogart $ 60,000.00
Dr. Jack Pot $ 7,500,000.00
Kitty Lane $ 500,000.00
Stratton Estate (South end) $ 6,000,000.00
Findley $ 1,600,000.00
Blue Flag $ 100,000.00
Jennie Sample $ 200,000.00
Jo Dandy $ 3,000,000.00
Elkton $ 13,000,000.00
Gold Sovereign $ 1,250,000.00
Vindicator Golden Cycle $ 43,000,000.00
Work $ 2,000,000.00
Moose $ 500,000.00
Cresson $ 30,000,000.00
Dante $ 1,650,000.00
Unity {Katinka Group lease] $ 400,000.00
Queen Gold $ 1,000,000.00
Blue Bird $ 1,500,000.00
Last Dollar $ 2,250,000.00
El Paso $ 10,000,000.00
Black Belle $ 125,000.00
Portland $ 100,000,000.00
Modoc $ 3,500,000.00
Prince Albert $ 1,000,000.00
Gold Dollar $ 4,000,000.00
Granite $ 16,000,000.00
Independence $ 25,000,000.00
Strong $ 20,000,000.00
Total $ 365,590,000.00
Miscellaneous production by leasers. $ 105,210,000.00
Grand Total $470,800,000.00

While the authenticated gold production of Cripple Creek is given as $470,000,000.00—it is claimed that "High Graders," or "Gold Bootleggers," took at least $50,000,000.00 which, if counted, shows a total production for the district of over One Half Billion Dollars.

Search where you will and you will not find a Gold Camp with so many prolific producers . . . that is the reason Cripple Creek is the "Greatest Gold Camp on Earth."


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