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Depth of Shafts at Cripple Creek (1913, November 8)

The Mining and Scientific Press,
November 8, 1913 (page 734)

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Depth of Shafts at Cripple Creek

The following list has been compiled by the Cripple Creek Times-Record, and will serve as an index of the present scope of operations at Cripple Creek.

Battle Mountain:

Granite Mine, Victor, Colo.
Gold Coin Shaft of the Granite Co., Victor, Colo.

Ajax Gold Mining Co.'s main shaft, 1228 ft. deep.

Granite Gold Mining Co.'s Gold Coin shaft, 1225 ft. - two levels are now submerged by seepage water.

Portland Gold Mining Co.'s No. 1 shaft, 1250 ft., in course of sinking to depth of 1600 ft.

Portland Gold Mining Co.'s No. 2 shaft, 1600 ft.

Portland Gold Mining Co.'s No. 3 shaft, 1200 ft., has been abandoned.

Stratton's Independence, Ltd., main shaft, 1430 ft.

Strong Gold Mining Co., 1200 feet.

Bull Hill:

Bull Hill not only has the deepest shaft in the district, but also the greatest number of shafts sunk below the 1200-ft. point.

Eagle Sampler, Victor, Colo.
Eagle Sampler, Battle Mountain, Bull Hill in Background.

Acacia G. M. Co., South Burns shaft, 1200 ft.

Blue Bird G. M. & M. Co., main Johnson shaft, 1750 ft., and now sinking to water-level, probably 100 ft. deeper.

Findley Con. G. M. Co., main shaft, 1387 ft.

Golden Cycle M. Co., main shaft, 1700 ft.

Golden Cycle M. Co., Theresa mine shaft, 1200 ft.

Gold Sovereign M. & T. Co., main shaft, 1100 ft.

Isabella Mines Co., Lee shaft, 1275 ft.

Isabella Mines Co., Empire State shaft, 1220 ft.

Last Dollar G. M. Co., main shaft, 1200 ft.

Vindicator Mine, Victor, Colo. Altitude 10,240 feet. Highest Point on the Short Line.
View Along Bull Hill towards Vindicator.

Stratton's Independence M. & D. Co., American Eagles shaft, 1500 ft.

Stratton's Independence M. & D. Co., John A. Logan shaft, 1500 ft.

Stratton's Independence M. & D. Co., Orpha May shaft, 1500 ft.

Trilby Mines Co., main shaft, 1120 ft.

United Gold Mines Co., Wild Horse shaft, 1225 ft.

Vindicator Con. G. M. Co., main or No. 1 shaft, 1630 ft.

Vindicator Con. G. M. Co., Hull City shaft, 1265 ft.

Vindicator Con. G. M. Co., Lillie shaft, 1526 ft., has been abandoned.

Beacon Hill:

El Paso Mine, Cripple Creek District, Colo.
View Beacon Hill Mines.

El Paso Con. G. M. Co., No. 1 shaft connected with the Roosevelt deep-drainage tunnel at 1332 ft. from surface.

Henry Adney G. M. Co., Maid of Orleans shaft, 900 ft.

Gold Dollar Con. Mines Co. has the deepest shaft on the opposite or eastern slope of Beacon hill in the Mable M. shaft, 994 ft. deep.

Carbonate Hill:

Elkhorn shaft, 450 feet.

Globe Hill:

No shaft in this district has attained a depth of 1000 ft. The two deepest shafts are on properties of the Stratton estate;

The Plymouth Rock, between 800 and 900 ft., is inactive and is reported in bad working condition.

The Deerhorn shaft, active and producing, is 650 feet.

Gold Hill:

The shafts to attain a depth below 1000 ft. on this hill are the;

Anchoria Leland Mine, Cripple Creek, Colo.
Huge Shaft House of the Anchoria-Leland.

Anchoria-Leland, 1200 ft.

Moon Anchor, 1100

Half Moon and Conundrum are below 1000 ft.

The Mary McKinney drifts will cut under the summit at a depth of 1700 feet.

Galena Hill:

The deepest shaft on this hill is that on the Sunshine mine. The property is now active. A depth of 450 ft. was attained in the incline sunk on this property.

Guyot Hill:

The Katinka G. M. Co.'s shaft on the Chicken Hawk mine, now 1020 ft. deep, is being sunk by the Progressive Mining & Development Co. to a depth of 1250 feet.

Ironclad Hill:

Jerry Johnson M. Co., main shaft, 975 feet.

Mineral Hill:

Addie C. shaft, 485 ft. The property is inactive.

Poverty Gulch:

Gold King M. Co., main shaft, 1007 ft.

Abe Lincoln mine, of the Stratton estate, 925 ft., with drifts into Womack hill in excess of 1200 ft. from surface.

Raven Hill:

Elkton Mine, Cripple Creek District, Colo.
Elkton Mine Complex & Raven Hill in background.

Cresson Con. G. M. & M. Co. 's main shaft is 1350 ft.

Elkton Con. M. & M. Co.'s main shaft, on the Walter claim, 1200 feet.

Squaw Mountain:

The two deepest shafts are the;

Climax, 400 ft.

Nellie V., 325 feet.

Tenderfoot Hill:

Grafton G. M. Co., Hoosier shaft, 650 ft.

Mollie Kathleen shaft, 1000 feet.

Outside districts:

No shafts have been sunk to a depth of 500 ft. on Copper or Rhyolite mountains, Signal hill, or in any of the outlying districts.

The Deep Drainage Tunnel, with its portal at an altitude of 8033 ft., attained its greatest depth under the summit of Beacon hill at an approximate depth of 1500 feet.


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