Eclipse Rental Agency
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Seeing Cripple Creek, January 1904
(page 28-30)
Eclipse Rental Agency
Proprietor: Mrs. G. B. Ritter
Image of Mrs. G. B. Ritter Photo of Mrs. Ritter

The Eclipse Rental Agency has just been established at No. 313 E. Bennett avenue, by Mrs. G. B. Ritter, and has already established itself among the standard firms of the city. It is something of an innovation for a lady to conduct a real estate and rental office, but Mrs. Ritter had already demonstrated the fact that the men cannot claim a monopoly on this very important line of business.

Mrs. Ritter has been a resident of Cripple Creek for ten years and is thoroughly acquainted with the opportunities for investment in real estate as well as fully acquainted with rental properties. She carries a large line of properties, both business and residence, for rental, and has been highly successful in giving perfect satisfaction to her customers.

Any business in the real estate and rental line entrusted to the Eclipse Rental Agency will receive the careful personal attention of Mrs. Ritter.

Communications should be addressed to the agency at No. 313 E. Bennett avenue, Cripple Creek. The 'phone numbers are: Office, 244-B; residence, Black 12.

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