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Cresson Mine & Company (Dec. 2, 1911)

The Engineering and Mining Journal,
December 2, 1911 (page 1081)

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The Cresson Consolidated Mine, Cripple Creek
Denver Correspondence

For economical management, good results and a clean record, the Cresson Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling Company, of the Cripple Creek district, deserves special mention. It is a close corporation, the stock being held by a few Chicago and Detroit men, and has been a dividend payer for six years.

View from Raven Hill with the Cresson Mine in foreground, and Bull Hill and some of its mines in the background
View at Bull Hill from Cresson Mine on Raven Hill.

For five years the shipments were 2500 to 3000 tons of medium-grade ore per month, and the mining costs are generally admitted to be the lowest in the district. During the last year rather unusual ore conditions have prevailed at the mine, as on the lowest level the ore increased in value, but with a lower tonnage, 1600 tons per month being the present output, which pays dividends and adds to the surplus.

The mine equipment is simple compared to that of many other mines in the district making an equal tonnage. The shaft has but one hoisting compartment, but uses a counterbalance on the manway side. The counterbalance was designed at the mine, and was the first used in the district.

A skip is used instead of cage, with trolley cars to carry ore and waste from the shaft.

The compressor is electrically driven.

The ore house is arranged with trommel screen and washers, and the ore is sorted on a belt, the waste being taken away on a conveyer belt.

The usual ore-sorting belt of rubber has been discarded in this mine, and an iron-slatted belt, designed by the manager and built by Master Mechanic Hatfield, is now used in its stead. This belt increases the efficiency of each sorter, as it removes the fines which are taken to a bin by a conveyer belt.

The mine is 1200 ft. deep and on the 1100-ft. level two winzes 200 ft. apart have been sunk to a depth of 90 ft. each, and are both bottomed in good ore, and crosscuts from each winze, to which the 1200 level is being driven, show the width to be as great as in the 1100 level.

Richard Roelofs is the manager.


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